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Abu Toameh, the son of an Arab Israeli father and a Palestinian mother, is a former senior reporter for the Jerusalem Post. He has reported that as of yesterday, his Facebook page had been deactivated.

The Commentator has learned that following complaints from the Palestinian Authority and Jordanian security authorities about his articles dealing with corruption, Facebook had taken the steps necessary to effectively censor his work.

The Commentator.  “Facebook ‘censors’ Palestinian writer posting anti-corruption articles.”  January 15, 2013.

Mark, really, suppressing Khaled Abu Toameh is just totally uncool.

I mean thanks for the communicating infrastructure and all, but a writer like Khaled influences how the world works.

That people would want to fly over their office carrels by way of the pc-enabled web and so expand their consciousness of the world: who wouldn’t dig that?

And we’re glad that as the web developed, you figured out how to make it swing.

However, we need to know such as “Palestinians: Fatah’s Armed Gangs Are Back” (January 15, 2013), chatype about it on Facebook, and know we have in addition the option of becoming Facebook buddies with the writer or subscribing to his feed or “Liking” his page.

Truly, what were you thinking?

There’s more to this story, of course.  Calling out the top belies and hides the engineering on the floor.  Facebook, so a quick web search will tell, has been wrestling with the idea that some content may be unpopular, undesirable, or, on this story, undiplomatic in the political arena.  Does the virtual common carrier have input into what its servers and software will support in expression.

Must it support jihad sites, for example?

How about 9/11 Truthers?

How about bigots whom no one now dare call bigoted?

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