The walls at the Max Rayne Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem, located along the Green Line in the city’s southwest, are draped with hand-painted murals, squiggly sketches, and paper cutouts around words like “dignity”—but, like everything else at the school, it’s written twice: once in Hebrew, kavod, and once in Arabic, karam. Each class is run by two teachers, one Jewish and one Arab, and the 600 students are split evenly between Israeli Jews and Arabs.

A School Bridges the Gap Between Israeli Arabs and Jews – Tablet Magazine – 11/7/2013.

Perhaps only when we think that things cannot get worse, they get better.

Perhaps not.

Still, this read with the previous post helps separate two inclinations in the middle east and those who have those inclinations.

Perhaps we are choosing between peaceful global multicultural co-evolution and something quite opposite.

Perhaps not.

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