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The deputy PM in charge of the weapons industry says Russia would remove all ‘sensitive’ production facilities from Ukraine if the association agreement with the EU is signed, and he doesn’t believe Ukraine can count on eventual EU entry anyway.

We will not be able to place certain sensitive technology [in Ukraine], we will have to completely localize them on Russian Federation territory. This means problems connected with the future cooperation in the aircraft and space industry and many more spheres,” Dmitry Rogozin told reporters.

Russian arms boss warns Ukraine, EU over planned agreement — RT Russian politics – 11/14/2013.

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“One can experiment as long as one wishes by deploying non-nuclear warheads on strategic missile carriers. But one should keep in mind that if there is an attack against us, we will certainly resort to using nuclear weapons in certain situations to defend our territory and state interests,” Rogozin, the defense industry chief said on Wednesday speaking at the State Duma, the lower house.

He pointed out that this principle is enshrined in Russia’s military doctrine. Any aggressor or group of aggressors should be aware of that, he said.

Russia will use nukes in case of a strike – official — RT Russian politics – 12/11/2013.

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German newspaper Bild wrote this weekend that Russia stationed several Iskander tactical ballistic missile systems – which are capable of carrying nuclear warheads – in its westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad, along the border with Baltic states. The paper said it obtained “secret satellite” images showing at least 10 Russian missiles close to the EU border, which were deployed over the past year.

Moscow confirms deployment of Iskander missiles on NATO borders — RT News – 12/16/2013.


▶ Iskander-M (SS-26 “Stone”) – YouTube – Posted 11/10/2008.


STUTTGART, Germany — NATO’s largest war game in years, which kicked off in Poland on Saturday, will involve some 6,000 troops at locations spread out across the region over the course of nine days.

NATO forces mobilize across eastern Europe for war games – Europe – Stripes – 11/4/2013.

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ANKARA — While the last of six Patriot anti-missile batteries are deployed in Turkey, ostensibly to protect Turkish airspace from a potential missile strike from neighboring Syria, some officials claim the primary purpose is to protect a radar that would track Iranian missile launches.

Patriots’ Main Mission in Turkey: Protect NATO Radar | Defense News | defensenews.com – 2/20/2013.

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The U.S. deployment of Patriot missiles in Turkey began Saturday to help the country defend against any possible threats from neighboring Syria in the throes of a civil war, AFP reported.

U.S. Begins Deploying Patriot Missiles in Turkey – Middle East – News – Israel National News – 1/6/2013.


[Russia – Syria – Iran] | Ukraine and Eastern Europe | NATO

Syria’s pit fire would seem to have spilled over into Russia’s post-Soviet pseudo-democratic mafia-oligarch relationship with Europe: The Bear wants its buffers back (whether they like it or not).

Call it jockeying for position, political posturing, or whatnot, the world at the edge of history, i.e., the apparently still collapsing Soviet Union and the more just and friendly and expanding European melange of democratic open societies just got a lot more dangerous.

Perhaps from the start with Boris Berezovsky playing kingmaker, Putin had no intention of being the one to turn the lights out on imperialism Soviet-style.  The talk has changed, perhaps: the walk?  You tell me.

In this dangerous and hideous play, which may be entering a new phase, Syria’s civil war would seem to have signaled the fragility of Soviet-built post-Soviet relationships: what card had the Assad regime to play but its longstanding “thing” between Iran’s theocracy gone mad and Russia’s military-industrial trade complex?

That card has been played, indeed, and the old Syria ruined for hanging on to its yesterday.

Now Ukraine’s a kind of chip and both NATO and Russia would seem to have turned up new cards at the table, not too suddenly though but, still, one’s pushing a radar system behind missile batteries associated with the adverse Syria-Iran relationship and the other has sent out to its borderlands some trucks with missiles on their backs.

Who wants popcorn?

Stove top?  Hot air?  Or microwave?


The latest professionally-agitated spectacle in Kyiv’s was spearheaded by the same Soros/Sharp/National Endowment for Democracy/CIA hydra that saw the overthrow of Ukraine’s government in 2004 in the so-called Orange Revolution. This time, not only is Ukrainian President Yanukovych, but ultimately Russian President Vladimir Putin, are the targets…

Ukraine: NATO’s Eastern Prize – 12/16/2013.


Russia has stationed Iskander missiles in western region: reports – Yahoo News – 12/16/2013.

Russia: Missiles Deployed In West ‘Legitimate’ – 12/16/2013.

Neighbours on edge as Russia deploys state-of-the-art missiles near Poland | National Post – 12/16/2013.

Russian missile threats a bluff that should be called | National Post – 11/23/2011; related from the same time period: Vladimir Putin asks elite in Russia to gather behind his hardline rule | National Post – 11/23/2011.

NATO supports South-Eastern Europe defence cooperation – 10/3/2013.

From “way back” as measured in Internet years: The return of missile diplomacy / ISN – 11/12/2008.

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How Boris Berezovsky Made Vladimir Putin, and Putin Unmade Berezovsky – The Daily Beast – 3/24/2013.

Boris Berezovsky “couldn’t live with his guilt” after helping Vladimir Putin into power, claims daughter – Mirror Online – 3/31/2013.

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