“Secular” does not exclude religion or considerations related to religion: what it does is contain all with policy appropriate to predominant population while in fact endorsing all to the limits possible.

The effect of this “all for all” thought in contemporary western theological communities has been to foster a host in variety of ecumenical dialogues and related scholarly research. The fruits of that research, in turn, inform the educated that care, dip into so much material, or run into the same over the course of a lifetime. In the famed “melting pot”, we are all a little bit of one another, starting with the influence of the indigenous before the first landing. Perhaps that goes on — e.g., reading _The Masks of God_ or William James and _The Variety of Religious Experiences_ — to relax our grip on any single religious basis for the creation of law.

Fans of America may be reminded that some of our colonialists also burned “witches” at the stake in their day. In this age, we have a few who play with rattlesnakes to prove their relationship with God. Sadly, some die that way (and perhaps are thought less deserving, sigh, for not having been truly protected . . . or they’re on their way to heaven).

Imho, we’re a wild species possessed of great intelligence, language, and imagination, and perhaps more of all three than is good for us, but that’s the condition. We’re not all alike. Sometimes cultures, sometimes persons become destructive in nature as their boundaries collapse or as they seek to expand themselves much against others, and they confuse the space they get into and make a mess of everything they touch. Those we need to recognize sooner and deal with in various ways.

Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah.

I may have to settle down with fiction.

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