Ali Akbar Velayati, a top aide of Khamenei on international affairs, said in a statement: “The horrifying and savage crimes of the Zionist regime against the defenceless people of Gaza once again unveiled the savagery, war-mongering and aggressive nature of this regime to the people of the world.”


Related FTAC Comment on Hamas:

It is all about  . . . MIND!  Make absolutely no mistake: the jailers of Gaza are Hamas and their kind, and the first thing they have tried to keep enclosed is information; the second thing they have tried to keep closed are mouths; the third thing they have tried to promote is their reading of the Qur’an and its licensing of their own genocidal drive and the murderous kleptocracy they have actually produced.

Related Daily Times Comment on the Middle East Conflict:

“It’s okay for pandering, which is a pleasing form of untruth.   One might with a little bit of independence of mind while online look into “Palestine, history, pogroms” or “Palestine, history, immigration” or “Islamic anti-Semitism”.  One might read for one’s self Benny Morris or Efraim Karsh.  Or one might just go on with the bliss that is borne with looking away from what is just and truthful, preferring loyalty to a bad cause — but out of fear — than integrity in the cause of humanity.” – 7/15/2014.

Friends in Pakistan routinely share with me their reading experience.  Why not respond in situ?  More importantly, why not just tell the truth?