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Update – May 29, 2015

After first believing in this predator’s lies, Lessing eventually began suspecting something about him is not right and after some detective work found out his real name and the fact that he is a cleric who works at Shi’a Association of the Bay Area (SABA) in San Jose, California and that he is actually married.

Lessing wondered whether she should go to his mosque and expose him publicly. This tells me how little non-Muslims know Islam and the Muslim mind. What do you think would happen if you tell them? At first they deny it categorically accusing you of smearing the name of a good man and vilify you. If they see the undeniable proof, they change tactic and condemn him in your face assuring you that Islam does not allow that. Once you leave, they pat him on the back and laugh heartily.

Sina, Ali.  “Muslim Men Preying on Western Women.”  Faith Freedom Organization, May 17, 2015.  http://www.faithfreedom.org/muslim-men-preying-on-western-women/

Primary text: Lessing, K. M.  God Has Failed Me: A True Story, Part I.

The BackChannels response to the correspondent who sent the piece: “I wanted to share the link with (name withheld) because it so mixes themes toward a demonizing that leaves no channel out for the Muslims who would themselves revile the cleric on display.

Earlier today from The Awesome Conversation: ” . . . a part of the American / North American / NATO / western public responds to Islam as represented by al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, et al., plus any number of western writers who emphasize the medieval qualities embedded in texts and taken up by the organizations mentioned. That’s what they see. It’s too little — not the whole thing — but that’s what they see.”


With every act of disrespect — betrayal, deception, desecration, intimidation, libel, murder, seduction, slander, and theft — toward another person or group, Islam, through one person or many, displays itself exactly as its most vociferous critics describe, which makes the work of the Ummah’s more conscionable, introspective, and reforming adherents that much more difficult to impossible.

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