Originally posted in January 2017, BackChannels has chosen to re-blog this piece by Marlon Solomon for its incisive observation of the character of extremist cant on the Far Right.

Half Chips/Half Rice

Just because Hitler used the knowledge for negative reasons doesn’t reflect on the knowledge itself.” – David Icke 

David Icke is a former footballer and sports presenter who has been one of the world’s leading conspiracy theorists for over twenty years. He believes that an evil agenda is being enacted on the human race by the ‘Babylonian Brotherhood’ – supernatural reptilian overlords.

You know, the obvious stuff.

Icke believes that we are literally living in The Matrix. “We are like droplets of water in an ocean of…awareness. We are ‘individual’ at one level of perception but still part of the infinite whole.” He calls this the Infinite Awareness. Unfortunately for us these malign reptilian overlords are mucking the whole thing up. They project their extra-dimensional consciousness onto elite corporal hosts. The reptilian ‘human-hybrids’ have inveigled every nation and system on Earth, in order to fulfil their…

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