Syndicate Red Brown Green

Syndicate Red Brown Green

Red = Soviet, post-Soviet, Putinesque neo-feudal Russia.

Brown = New Nationalist  and National Socialist Movements — an allusion to the drifts of Orban’s Hungary and a part of the mix involved in Erdogan’s Turkey.

Green = Islamofascism generally with Ayatollah Khamenei possibly the most central element in driving the form worldwide, from Daesh in Iraq to Hezbollah in Argentina.

Update – December 22, 2015

One waggish associate noted of concept “Syndicate Red Brown Green” that the only color needed was “Red” and the other two were camouflage.


The German-Russian relationship and the role of the Communist Party prior to World War II are  unknown to BackChannels at the time of this update.  One knows there is a significant history there and probably one deeply affecting Russia’s political machinations and stance today as set beneath Putin’s aegis.

Addendum – July 8, 2016

Things are very different now. The left of centre is, at least in Britain, the domain of the new antisemites of the anti-Zionist movement. BDS stalks the land, not the Spectre of Communism. The left is delivered to a lethal compromise that gets into bed with clerical fascists who demand women and gays and Jews be thrown off mountains.

Jeffries, Benjamin.  “And when he cried the little children died in the streets.”  Times of Israel, March 19, 2014.

Addendum – August 2, 2016 – Daniel Pipes (2012) on the Post-Soviet “Red-Green” Alliance


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