BackChannels has produced political research and commentary for more than a decade albeit as a side with its early artifacts and experiments and, sigh, mistakes (some) still present.  Nonetheless, it has evolved from publishing early and general online observations having to do with conflict, despotism, and terrorism to having a few things to say about much needed improved modern democratic governance and political psychology.

In numbers, it has been achieving on average about 600 views per month, and in 2014–apparently the last time I looked–had been viewed by about 6,500 readers in some 133 nations.  Today, the number of visitors and views moves up and down daily with news-related cogency or lack thereof as I remain ever an accidental tourist in “poli-sci/poli-psy/” as well as on occasion in this era inescapably linked to KGB/FSB and other shadowy actors, “poli-spy”.

Editor: James S. Oppenheim

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BackChannels
Twitter: @JS_Oppenheim

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