IDF preparing an underground ‘death trap’ for Hamas

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Hamas is prioritizing offensive and defensive underground efforts above all else, a senior IDF officer said Sunday.

The Israeli military is preparing itself and training its soldiers for tunnel warfare, with the intention of transforming the arena of underground combat into a ‘death trap’ for the Islamist group’s terrorists, should another round of conflict be triggered.

The senior officer said he believed that in a future conflict Hamas would seek to catch the Israeli military off guard, with surprise tunnel raids aimed at attacking border communities and carrying out abductions. He noted that plans for the evacuation of these communities had been prepared and could be executed if deemed necessary.

Hamas is thought to have reached the conclusion from past conflict that it can attack Israel from different locations and it is therefore in the process of developing networks in Lebanon, the Syrian Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula. The…

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FTAC – “These Too Are Palestinians”


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“Should the UN join the super powers and be a bystander ignoring Israel’s continued occupation and violations of Palestinian human rights?”

This is your answer:

The influence of the Soviet by way of agitation, disinformation, political manipulation (through the KGB) and sponsorship of terrorism in relation to the middle east conflict cannot be underestimated. The post-WWII leveraging of Arab anti-Semitic sentiment — involving some with power, not everyone — succeeding in developing despotic regimes benefiting the Soviet as client states.


Soviet cartoons distributed in the Middle East to leverage “the masses” into the Soviet camp.


The Soviet dissolved in financial and moral bankruptcy about 25 years ago; however, in its place has developed a feudal state in the Russian historic tradition, and it continues to entertain PFLP and to interface with both Hezbollah and Hamas.

Who has been made to suffer as a consequence of Soviet / post-Soviet Russian influence and KGB-designed manipulation?

There are differences between the medieval world and the modern one, and the modern is a much, much better world in which to live.

These too are Palestinians:

Additional Reference

“Eshkol knew and feared the Russians,” noted Michael Oren. “War with Syria [and Egypt] was risky enough; with the USSR, it would be suicidal.” But Eskhol calculated that without U.S. support, the Soviets would find themselves compelled to get involved directly. Moscow had, after all, “invested massively in the Middle East, about $2 billion in military aid alone—1,700 tanks, 2,400 artillery pieces, 500 jets, and 1,400 advisers—since 1956, some 43 percent of it to Egypt.”

Sure enough, as the Israelis demolished the forces of the Arab coalition over the next three days and captured the Sinai, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights, reunified the holy city of Jerusalem, and began an offensive against Damascus itself, Moscow saw itself staring into the face of a geopolitical disaster. Those were, after all, Soviet-trained soldiers being defeated. Those were Soviet-made arms being seized or destroyed. Those were billions of dollars in Soviet funding to their Arab client states being poured down the drain. And—it would later be learned by U.S. and Israeli intelligence—the Egyptian war plan itself (code-named, “Operation Conqueror”) had actually been written in 1966 by the Soviets. As a result, the Soviets feared their prestige was quickly unraveling.

Rosenberg, Joel C.  “How the Six Day War Almost Led to Armageddon: Forty years later, Moscow’s role in engineering and exacerbating the crisis is revealed.”, May 18, 2007.


FTAC – Syria – Anachronistic, Barbaric, Surreal


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Before hostilities were established back in 2011, Syria may have been washed, as it were, in two streams of political poison that would render it untouchable and toxic to the west and its interests. Both streams would be located in the medieval worldview of political power as legitimate when exercised as dictatorship. Soviet Era duality combining anti-Semitic expression, socialism, and pan-Arab nationalism would become part of today’s “lostness”; and then on the political track linked to religious belief, “Islamist” exceptionalism and hubris would mirror the nationalist dictat.

As regards speaking . . . reporting, seeing, and speaking have not been of issue.

As regards extremism + post-Soviet history, ah, there’s the issue that now has former Iraqi Baath Party officers fighting for ISIL against (some) Iraqi Shiite militia embedded with Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers.

Which is the war being fought?

Medieval v Modern; Sunni v Shiite; “Political Absolutism” v Democracy — and then the lesser politics: Iran v Iraq; Turkey v Russia; Turkey v the Kurdish Liberation community; and so on


I tend to focus on post-Soviet Moscow for answers as regards motivation and policy for shaping the conflict as it appears. However, one might also focus on multiple elements in the field and ask about illusive motivations. There seem to me multiple aspects of the conflict that can only be seen _by everyone_ — all involved or on the sidelines — as absurdly anachronistic, barbaric (especially in the cultivation and expression of cruelty) and surreal.

The poem that set off the response was lovely and correct in its complaint about silence and its query about the lack of human intervention in deposing Bashar al-Assad.  However, great vision matters in Syria, and, in fact, it may now be all that matters in Syria, specifically the ability to observe from a distance in time and space that views the whole of it as contained in time.

Truly, the conflict began with a despot’s sadistic response to a peaceful challenge to his authority, and here five or six years later, thereabouts, those outside of Syria area overviewing a complete medieval theater of politics and war of which Putin, Assad, Khamenei, and Baghdadi — and similar others — are of a whole piece.

Different talks — same walk!

The leaders are not opponents: they have been cooperating perfectly in mutual destruction, disregard, and unspeakable sadism.


Also in Media – “Iraqi Christians Seek Shelter from Sharia” – Religious Freedom Coalition – 9|16|2016

IDC’s September 9 panel “Genocide and Persecution: Past and Present” at the Dirksen Senate Office Building described how such sharia discrimination is an “incubator for genocide,” according to KC Vice President Andrew Walther. Mona Malik from the Assyrian Aid Society of America similarly cited Anderson’s description of sharia’s second-class citizenship for non-Muslims as a “precursor to genocide” like that perpetrated by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). While sharia in the current Iraqi constitution drafted during the American-led post-2003 regime change codifies “flagrant disregard for human rights,” Iraqi identification cards specifically name only Arab, Kurdish, and Turkman ethnicity. Assyrians, a people with 6,000 years of history in Iraq, appear on these cards merely as “‘other’ in our own homeland.”

Source: Iraqi Christians Seek Shelter from Sharia – 9/16/2016.

Response to Bouthainia Shaaban on the CBS Interview Video


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Posted to YouTube by Channel 4 News, September 18, 2016. – 6/1/2011


Also in Media – “Soviet-Nazi Collaboration and World War II” | World Affairs Journal, Essay by Alexander J. Motyl


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For starters, the Moscow-controlled Communist International, and its sidekick, the Communist Party of Germany, made Hitler’s rise to power possible, if not indeed inevitable, by tarring the German Social Democrats as “social fascists” who threatened to split the proletariat and were, thus, a greater evil than the Nazis. Had the German left remained united against the real threat—Nazism—Hitler might not have come to power. (Many leftists make a similar mistake today, preferring Vladimir Putin’s fascism to American capitalism and thereby promoting war in Europe.)

Source: Soviet-Nazi Collaboration and World War II | World Affairs Journal – April 30, 2015.

Also in Media – “Turkey Is Supporting the Syrian Jihadis Washington Says It Wants to Fight” | The Nation – 9|16|2016

On August 24, Turkey invaded Jarabulus, a Syrian border town held by ISIS, with great fanfare: several hundred Turkish soldiers, twenty tanks, and 1,500 Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters from Islamist militias. In reality, the whole battle was a fake. ISIS had quietly left town several days before, and the difference between this and their usual behavior convinced some observers, particularly the Kurds, that their exit was coordinated with Ankara.

Source: Turkey Is Supporting the Syrian Jihadis Washington Says It Wants to Fight | The Nation – 9/16/2016.

Homs – An Ode, a Note


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Posted to YouTube by Muhammed Al Mousa on September 4, 2016

Homs represents a brutal depopulating. It brings to my mind the drought that impelled a combination of “Arab Spring” and economic protest in 2011 that would be met with a brutality and sadism far out of proportion to the regime’s political needs. In turn, that would make sense of Assad’s choosing to produce a general bloodbath in Syria out of which he could then play to his own family’s advantage as owners of a Russian client state, as an enemy of the west, and as a symbol of state order against “The Terrorists”, both anyone not with Assad as well as the al-Qaeda types incubated expressly to serve for blackmailing and goading the west and as a foil for the aligned powers, Moscow-Damascus-Tehran.