Facsimile Bipolar Political Sociopathy

The term derives from Bipolar Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder by way of common features having to do with grandiose delusion, messianic motivation, and resistance to criticism and clinical insight; it is intended for political and social science application.

Within the phrase, “facsimile” serves to separate the concept from psychology and related interest in individual mind and the experience of it and emphasize instead semblance in a way that serves interest in leaders and their administrative and management methods.

I’ve chosen “bipolar” for the cognitive style signaled by language behavior — in black and white thinking, the too sharp delineation between “winners” and “losers”, “believers” and “evildoers”, and so on — and the atmosphere encouraged by it.  In psychology proper, of course, “bipolar disorder” finds anchorage in observations having to do with individual mood and sleep patterns and difficulties associated with them.  In politics, energetic and erratic “mania” may or may not be present at any given point, but grandiose delusions and intents most certainly are as are most other facets of the disorder: however, the complex weaves into political and social life as “sympathetic feeling” across the political actor’s field of influence.

Would the term do just as well as “Facsimile Narcissistic Political Sociopathy”?


For sure, the graduate classes are welcome to kick it around some.

Political” needs no explication.  It’s simply the application area for the term.

Sociopathy” would seem a coin within a coin, but I prefer the invention to alternatives, for what we’re addressing amounts to sociopath behavior as encountered in contemporary politics by way of comparatively ruthless personalities.  Cats like Paul Biya and Robert Mugabe — the “low hanging fruit” of fair examples of common dictators — show little evidence of caring about the common suffering of the constituent humanity within their bailiwicks.  These are about their own excessive glorification, and each has found ways, between the command of armies and unbridled access to state treasuries and various income streams, of sustaining themselves in power.

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