Islamic Small Wars

In their totality, the set of conflicts expressed from within Muslim-majority states plus their interfaces with states and regions of other castes.

While not all Muslim-majority states play host to persistent political violence founded in whole or in part on the legacy bequeathed by Mohammad, it’s safe to say that all do host or are vulnerable to elements beneath the Muslim Brotherhood tent that can, do, and will promote and engage in violent means to achieve ends conflated or integrated with Islamic precepts.

A friend has dredged up this earlier fiddling from 2012:

“The Islamic Small Wars are all civil wars within Islamic-majority states that have some interface with the west, largely determined by location, albeit universally characterized by a nearly global xenophobia. Ultimately, they are about the development of power, largely through intimidation and fear, and not so much concerned with constituent needs, the earth, or insight into the character of humanity within nature and engaged with God.”

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