FTAC – “From The Awesome Conversation”

Whatever I may do autonomously as a writer, it seems to pale before the incredible cocktail and dinner table chatyping elicited by others via the Facebook social network.  The Google+ system, especially with it’s promise to separate (at the user’s level, not the administrator’s or investigator’s) the different constituencies of a life) may do as well, but Facebook has provided the incumbent platform for a while, and, oh my, what great communities have been grown there already.

As I type this entry — 5/10/2013 — my Facebook presence has grown to include a little more than 570 souls worldwide and just a few subscriber followers, and now kept small — I haven’t gone a whoring for Facebook acquaintance in some time but seem to be adding a few friends each week by way of equal numbers in sent and received friend requests — it’s as good a core adult “international club” as any (more vetted and institutionally supported) academic could wish.

The BackChannels category “FTAC” stands for “From The Awesome Conversation” and serves to relay some thought stimulated by questions and themes encountered in the process of developing a great affinity-based community via Facebook.

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