Concepts, Coins, and Terms

English welcomes playfulness and encourages adaptive invention.  From time to time, I’ve indulged that potential, usually with bad puns well aimed (e.g., “Muslim Botherhood”) or catchy and clever combinations (e.g., “chatyping”, which is what gazillions are doing on Facebook daily), but have also found the spirit to characterize phenomenon in ways that may be useful or to borrow terms (here with attribution if known) that seem appropriate to better understanding and addressing certain aspects of conflict, which here refers to roles played by language and psychology as conflict drivers.

Conflict – Language Uptake – Social Programming and Scripting – A Suggestion

Facsimile Bipolar Political Sociopathy

God Mob

Intellectual Battlespace

Islamic Small Wars

Mouth –> Ear –> Mind –> Heart System


Social Grammar

The Awesome Conversation

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