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As noted, I participate in the Rationalist Society of Pakistan’s forum hosted by Facebook, and the breadth of arguments and presentations of evidence should surprise those in the “anti-Jihad” who have taken the most pessimistic approach available toward all things Islam.  The above video comes by way of that forum and may be making the rounds today — I posted the same to my wall a few minutes ago — in that medium.

Kacem El Ghazzali, who blogs in English at Atheistica (now listed also to the left) strikes me as a young Moroccan version of the literary icon long familiar to English souls who have dipped into the whirlpools swirling around religion: Christopher Hitchens.

“Hitch” left us late last year, and, God willing, he will not have met his maker, nor heaven nor hell or any of that, but from my sentimental view may God bless him anyway, as he fought relentlessly for a better, more kind and thoughtful humanity.

Again, Hitch has left his mark and is gone, and as so much having to do with The English, the voices of others, even if in English in addition to some other more primary language for each,  have been surfacing on the radars of a rapidly developing international and typing-in-English (soon to become Skyping, I’m sure) intelligentsia.

Welcome then Kacem el Ghazzali, who is just starting his long journey across a short leg in the overall journey of Man.

If one takes “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as template, Ghazzali, who is by no means as innocent of power as the boy in the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, has in the boy’s place spoken to the powers that be (and those that merely roam about) — and he’s heard back in snarky comments and death threats.

“I have the fear,” Ghazzali says to Michael Coren, “but I can’t really submit, I can’t really stop what I’m doing because the cause I have is not only for me but for the thousands of young people who are living the Islamist’s war, and their conditions of life and conditions of security are much, much, much bad than what I have here.”

A mensch!

Coren goes on to bring up Hitchens, so here too is Hitchens, who has perhaps set a standard for toughened and unsentimental reasoning:

My own stance: Jewish.  I prefer to throw in with God, my people, and the ancient and customary one-sided Friday evening chit-chat with the Almighty, but I am ever mindful of nature too and within it our human potential in evolution that runs alongside the stupidity in some that finds necessity in fashioning by their own grandiose aspirations the suffering of others.