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This morning on Facebook, I found that Marcia Kannry, founder of the Dialogue Project, a combined Israeli-Palestinian peace mission, had pasted beside one of Pamela Geller’s posters a note stating, “On Yom Kippur, I am fasting and reflecting.  I am a Jewish Jihadi.

“Jihad is an Islamic process of reflection and struggle to bring thoughts, words, and actions in alignment with prayer and best ethical practices.  So too as Jews we practice sleichot (asking for forgiveness from the humans whom we have offended).”

There’s a little more to the note, but that’s the gist, and in threaded discussion, a Facebooker noted that some would make peace and some, with hate, create divisiveness.

So I asked a question.

* * *

Is Geller’s poster hateful? Let’s get beyond the lockstep response “Everybody knows . . .” http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Terrorism/victims.html The recent behavior and speech of Presidents Ahmadinejad, Erdogan, and Morsi have played heavily against “The Zionist Entity” — the Jewish State of Israel. The greater world will always look over the evidence, from the IHH in the Gaza Flotilla’s Mavi Marmara fiasco to Morsi’s still recent libel that it is “Israel that has always broken its treaty with Egypt” — time code 1:23.

What is President Morsi when he says, ” . . . the peace treaty between us and Israel have always been violated by the Israelis.”

No sooner does an AQ-type raid on an Egyptian army controlled border take place, resulting in Egyptian casualties and Egyptian Army action to chase down other and similar miscreants in the Sinai, then the episode in a good chunk of “Arab street” becomes chalked off to Mossad.

What is that if not barbaraism?

Geller’s poster is a cry for peace. Real peace. Reliable peace. Friendship-based peace.

Is it too broad?


I have met via Facebook a good share of Arabs and Muslims who support Israel or, otherwise, prove themselves caring, independent, and prudent thinkers and speakers: still, Geller has touched a nerve having to do with truth and with telling the truth and with the refraining of telling libelous gossip and lies.

* * *

By the way: where in the poster was religion criticized?

Where was Islam criticized?


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