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“And what about US attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, two Sovereign Countries . . . .” — Thank OBL and 9/11 for inviting the reversal of Taliban governance in Afghanistan; thank Sadaam for, among many other egregious behaviors, including theft from UN food aid funding, for not cooperating with international nuclear weapons monitoring agents (UN-based) in such a way as to threaten others with the possible possession of such arms. Unless one wishes to defend the Taliban and Sadaam Hussein, the question dispenses with cause for a “western jihad” (to defend its interests plus those to whom it provides massive aid, including Pakistan) and seems to reduce argument to an incoherent yearning for some kind of “cooperation” under the auspices of a “good dictator” — a proven oxymoron in contemporary politics worldwide — and involving the destruction of the freedom to speak . . . freely.

The American Revolution revolves around the articles and assertions of the Declaration of Independence — “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal . . . .”

No dhimmis!

It has taken more than 300 years in in the United States for policies and practices to more firmly and with greater certainty catch up with American ideals, and such ideals stem not from “Golden Eras” — which were not so golden — and Inquisitions and the medieval practices of kings and other absolute rulers, but from the best of ancient Greco-Roman culture, philosophy, and spirit — and also shaped by familiar Judea-Christian precepts about law and social transaction — and their flow through the Enlightenment.

That’s U.S.

We don’t set out to bend others to our will, to humiliate others, or to shut them up, but movements that set out to do that and steal the lives of innocents, transgress all boundaries and limits, and corrode the freedom to speak freely, albeit responsibly, the state — and many other sovereign states — take measures to defend their values, the best in humanity, borrowed and cultivated out of the contributions of many cultures, and altogether expressive and vital and life affirming and giving.