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“We believe the universe was created for Mohammed, and we have the right to be the darlings of the universe.  We darlings of the universe are your darlings by right, and you are very kind to us that you will keep us your darlings.

“The liberal intellectuals, the liberal politicians, the liberal middle class of the modern civilization or modern world, which has given a hope of survival to mankind, is committing its suicide instead of ensuring the future of mankind by pampering my ego, which says the universe belongs to me without any work that I do.  I may do nothing.  I was created a Muslim, so the extreme virtue I have committed just by being born: I came to the world, I have done this great favor that I was born, and I was born as a Muslim, so it is my right to be the most superior human being  in the world.

“I can go with a penguin dress and a turban on my head and say, “No, I will not work, five times a day I will go for prayer.  You pay me the wages because I am following my religion, and you must be ashamed of yourself that you object to my religion if you do.

“These are not my sarcastic remarks.   These are the feelings of a genuine Muslim.”

Mobarak Haider urging Islamic reform and encouraging pressure on Islam to reform or evolve — to lose its narcissistic fix and change — September 24, 2012, Peace House, Oslo, Norway (quoted from the second video in the following series).

From the last video: “Hizb-ut-Tahrir” will never accept the responsibility for any act of terror, but they will prepare the Muslim mind to never go or act against that act of terror.”


Mobarak Haider is the author of Taliban: The Tip of a Holy Iceberg.

Readers may also enjoy an interview with Dr. Haider. “We Need Multiple Measures to Start a Return.”  Viewpoint, July 2011.

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