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When a writer has “done the homework” but withheld information in order to throw mud on a human target for entertainment and manipulation of even less informed minds, that’s evil.  When a writer has not done the homework, has packed together the same mudball for the same audience, that’s not only evil, it’s cosmically pernicious.

At least that how I feel about propaganda and ignorance both.

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Background on Burma: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-20083287

The government’s awful; the monks have a dark side; this particular Muslim sect has been caught a long time between its inhospitable “landing zone” and the sea — and then comes to this, so it seems, the AQ complex of deeply fragile, equally narcissistic and sociopathic ideation. What seems like a very dark space in cultural psychology may be less so in anthropological views.

“The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority living in northern Rakhine state in Western Myanmar. They face religious and ethnic discrimination by Myanmar’s military regime, which refuses to recognize the Rohingya as Myanmar citizens. The Rohingya people are not considered one of 135 legally recognized ethnic minority groups in Myanmar. Myanmar considers them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, but they have lived in Myanmar for centuries, and Bangladesh will not accept them as its citizens.”


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