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I didn’t say he was–or that he wasn’t

Or that he would–or he wouldn’t

Or he wouldn’t–but his people might

Some of them

Some time

I couldn’t say I looked

At nothing

Or that I looked away

At anything

Only that it was possible

Because it wasn’t impossible

And I couldn’t tell from the allegations

Intimations whispers rumors theories

Who was Right and what was Left —

Only that people come and go


Gathered and dispersed

Or one or two and a walk in the park

Darkness edging in so slightly

Red lights like tail lights

Like poppies drifting

In traffic, lost,

Disappearing, around the bend,

Who, what, and where

How and why not



Behind the school, some men,

Always some men

Where women look on

And wonder

Full of designs and devices

Not to say who would or wouldn’t–

Who might

Who will