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“Allah says these jews n christians will not let u live in peace unless u enter thier faith n whoever do tht will enter hell.”

He did not say that to Christians or Jews.


Should the figures be 100,000 rather than 300,000 Persian Jews prior to the establishment of the State of Israel?

I don’t know.

By any count, it seems fewer than 10,000 have chosen to remain in Iran.

Iran itself trots out the Neturei Karta — http://www.adl.org/extremism/karta/ — a cult, a fringe, at best, in the Jewish community both in Israel and the Diaspora.

[Responding to how I feel about five Israel deaths or 100 Palestinian deaths]:

“What bothers me most is not that Arabs kill our children, but that they force us to kill theirs.” Golda Meir, National Press Club, Washington, D.C., 1957.

The Jews I know have never felt differently.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop lobbing rockets at Israel? At the Jews?

Contemplating the destruction of the Jews?

Demonizing the Jews?

Hamas, heavily taxing its constituents, including “tunnel millionaires”, moving goods inbound and outbound with the cooperation of the IDF, purchasing electricity from Israel, ferrying its sick to Israeli hospitals when necessary, etc., nonetheless launched more than 1000 rockets, some supplied by Iran with a range of 45 miles, into Israel in 2012. Targets: any Israeli: Muslim, Christian, Jewish, adult or child, man or woman.

And then by design, Hamas has kept their own in harm’s way, launching within 1/2 block of residences, gasoline stations, schools, mosques, etc.

Hamas and Israel have entered a ceasefire at this time.

We’ll see how it holds up.

Trust the Jews, at least, for having the integrity to keep their side of the bargain (as they did ejecting their own from Gaza in 2005, a bid to “trade land for peace,” leaving Gaza Judenfrei).

Another reference to the Jews of Persia: