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“So far nearly 50,000 people have been murdered by pro-Assad soldiers and paramilitaries, making Syria’s uprising the bloodiest of those of the Arab Spring. While more than two million people have been displaced from their homes, the number of refugees is expected to reach 700,000 by the end of this year. With the beginning of winter soon arriving, with sub-zero temperatures, many children are at great risk unless we stop the ongoing massacre.” Sinem Tezyapar publishing in the Jerusalem Post, December 5, 2012 (“Syrian people need urgent help from Israel, Turkey”).

Loosely related from 2005: Efraim Inbar’s pamphlet “The Resilience of Israeli-Turkish Relations” (PDF): “Annual trade between the two nations grew to US$2 billion in 2004, up from US$200 million in 1993, and since the mid-1990s Turkey has been the number one tourist destination for Israelis.”  Hard to believe today — doubtlessly true seven years ago.