Antisemitism has certain specific features which make it a unique form of bigotry. It is founded upon unshakeable beliefs which are in fact total lies; it is deeply irrational and immune to factual evidence; it accuses Jews of atrocities of which they are not only innocent but of which they are in fact the victims; it singles them out for double standards by expecting them to behave in ways expected of no-one else; it holds falsely that they form global conspiracies of manipulative influence; and it is utterly, pathologically obsessive about the Jews and their alleged cosmic misdeeds.

Phillips, Melanie.  “Britain’s infernal cocktail of hate.”  Melanie Phillips Blog, January 29, 2013.

Acquiring a language includes grasping its “social grammar”, i.e. all of the intuited and unspoken rules about what may be said and what not to whom, about how one is supposed to feel about many things, from ancient warriors to wildfires, about the beliefs one should own.  In that regard, a part of self-concept simply reflects what one has internalized from an environment and used as a basis — a forgotten basis, so fundamental and without definite words it may be — for responding to new information, filtering it, and expressing one’s true opinion, however murderous and unfounded.

I’ve been bookmarking articles on anti-Semitism, but it has been a while since I have opened the bin.

Let’s take a look at what’s on deck.

Does that sound reasoning and sane to you?

Rather than filter that spew as political behavior, which is consequent to it, observe it as expressive language behavior.

Even the PressTV anchor attempts to intervene to bring the speaker back to the topic at hand, which seems to have had to do with gun control, and not the Jews.

Then listen again for what is becoming to my ears a familiar grandiose and messianic destructiveness founded on bizarre charges, starting with that ” . . . Zionist controlled Hollywood”: wow — better tell Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, et al., that they don’t belong!

The claims grow larger, more outrageous, more easily ignored (and any Martians feeling the need to go ahead and do the research –on who owns the media or what really happened at Sandy Hook — are welcome to do so),

Most hear it and call it hate.

I hear it and call it training, rule-based, and compulsory.

For the now public figure that is Mr. Harris, the term “Jew”, I believe, is a signal summoning anger, confusion, and will.

To judge by his  manner in speaking — “But look behind that deeper” (STET), he says and the Great Big Conspiracy wells up within him, and he can’t stop himself nor see himself nor restrain himself from the making of Grand Connections down deep in the well of the Dark Mirror in Language:  It’s not Islamic Jihad with the suicide bombs, human shields, “black widows”, and such: oh no — it’s the Joooos: “They target the innocent, they target children, they target women.”  As if they don’t care . . . . (see also ALMA – Association for the Promotion of International Humanitarian Law).

On script:

“It is because it comes from the Jews in Hollywood”; ” . . . sponsored by Israel, that killed all these innocent children” (a reference to Breivick’s rampage in Norway); ” . . . because all of our Congressmen are bought and paid for by the Israel lobby in the U,S.” (everyone knows that, right?); “So any truth of this is going to be hidden , . . (there, there — of course it is, of course it is).

What a litany —  picked up by the ears, obsessed over, memorized —  with which to have shackled one’s own mind!

Harris has been making the rounds of those who like that sort of thing; this fellow, however —

& (source):

“This (Palestinian) Authority was created by the Zionist and American enemies for the sole purpose of opposing the will of the Palestinian people and its interests.”

Morsi will go on to say, “They have been fanning the flames of civil strife wherever they were throughout history. They are hostile by nature . . . The Zionists understood nothing but the language of force.”

Reference transcript:  

So there is another who cannot help himself, who cannot restrain himself or contain his own mind, the music of that mind having become  so familiar, the goading and lying expected of him so second nature.

Regarding lying, Morse noted in one clip during his candidacy that Egypt had never abrogated its treaty with Israel but Israel had done so many times:

Reference With Excerpts

Danan, Deborah.  “Time to impose sanctions on Scandinavia?”  The Jerusalem Post Magazine, October 16, 2012: “It was Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper that published a report claiming Israeli soldiers snatched Palestinian youths to harvest their organs before returning their dismembered corpses a few days later.  Needless to say, the government did not condemn the article,claiming that it respected the freedom of speech as delineated in the Swedish constitution. This is the same constitution that in recent years was changed so that it is now possible to hold a high government office without actually being a Swedish citizen.”

Gerstenfeld, Manfred.  “Op-Ed: Interview: Muslim Anti-Semitism in France.”  Arutz Sheva, December 25, 2012: “Since the beginning of this century, Muslim anti-Semitism has become the most extreme form of Jew-hatred in France. The murder of a Jewish teacher and three children at the Otzar HaTorah School in Toulouse in March 2012 underlined this.”

Ghitis, Frida.  “World Citizen: Anti-Semitic Rants Pull Back the Curtain on Egypt’s Morsi.”  World Politics Review, January 17, 2013: “Initially, the translated speeches and interviews failed to reverberate. But the offensive statements have started garnering attention, shining light on a mindset, pervasive in Egypt, that is wholly inconsistent with the norms of the modern world and, more importantly, fully incompatible with the kind of interaction Morsi wants to have with the West.”

Ginsberg, Johanna.  “Yale prof sounds alarm over new anti-Semites: Charles Asher Small says few academis grasp radical Islam.”  New Jersey Jewish News, November 11, 2009: “He condemned the silence, the lack of response, from students and faculty, particularly on the Left, his own intellectual home. He said colleagues are “acquiescing” to an existential threat from radical Islam.

“We have failed not just the Jewish people, not just Israel, but human rights and notions of democracy,” he said. “And the silence continues.”

Goldberg, Jeffrey.  “In Egypt, Anti-Semitism is Back in Fashion.”  Bloomberg, August 6, 2012: “Anti-Semitism, the socialism of fools, is becoming the opiate of the Egyptian masses. And not just the masses. Egypt has never been notably philo-Semitic (just ask Moses), but today it’s entirely acceptable among the educated and creative classes there to demonize Jews and voice the most despicable anti- Semitic conspiracy theories. Careerists know that even fleeting associations with Jews and Israelis could spell professional trouble.”

Hirsi Ali, Ayaan.  “Raised on Hatred.”  The New York Times, January 17, 2013: “These remarks are disgusting, but they are neither shocking nor new. As a child growing up in a Muslim family, I constantly heard my mother, other relatives and neighbors wish for the death of Jews, who were considered our darkest enemy. Our religious tutors and the preachers in our mosques set aside extra time to pray for the destruction of Jews.”

Ini, Gilead.  “Why Egyptian hate speech and ‘NYT’ reporting on it, matter.”  The Jerusalem Post, January 19, 2013: “It is important that Times correspondent David Kirkpatrick wrote about this because such rhetoric serves as potent fuel that can overwhelm – for generations to come – attempts to extinguish the Arab-Israeli conflict, along with the suffering and bloodshed it causes.

And it is important because the Times has all too often ignored, at the expense of reader understanding of the conflict’s complexities, the ongoing phenomenon of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel indoctrination in Palestinian society and in the wider Arab world.”

Kirchick, James.  “Germany’s Top Anti-Semite?”  Tablet, January 22, 2013: ”

But arguably the worst of Augstein’s columns was one from September that initially garnered the Center’s attention. The subject was the riots that erupted in response to the crude video lampooning the prophet Muhammed:

The fire is burning in Libya, Sudan, Yemen, in countries that are among the poorest in the world. But the arsonists sit elsewhere. The angry young men, who burn the American—and more recently, German—flags are as much victims as the dead of Benghazi and Sana’a. Who benefits from such violence? Only the madmen and the unscrupulous. And this time also—as an aside—the U.S. Republicans and the Israeli government.

Marcus, Lori Lowenthal.  “Hitler Honored in Upscale Istanbul Mall.”  The Jewish Press, January 15, 2013, updated January 17, 2013: “Ho-hum, nothing startling or even mildly interesting about a huge photograph of Adolf Hitler hanging in the Turkish equivalent of Via Bellagio in Las Vegas or The Shops at Columbus Circle in New York City.”

Meotti, Giulio.  “Intellectual savages?”  The Jerusalem Post, January 13, 2013: “Is it inconceivable that people who have the holy mission of returning to Jaffa and Ashkelon on a carpet of Jewish bodies are also well-educated surgeons, academics and writers? Ask Hamas about the paradox of Josef Mengele, a doctor of philosophy, a medical doctor, a refined man who enjoyed music and poetry, but didn’t hesitate to experiment on an order the death of a million of Jews.”

Meotti, Giulio.  “Op-Ed: Jews, Leave Eurauschwitz Now!”  Arutz Sheva, October 10, 2012: “Never before has knowledge of the Holocaust been disseminated all over the West as it is today. Yet never before has the anti-Jewish venom and the Nazi style monsterization of Israelis spread like a virus as it is today.”

Russo, Audrey.  “Canonizing a Killer: When Art Crosses the Line.”  Clashdaily, December 30, 2012: “Case in point … a controversial Italian artist’s new exhibit has a statue depicting Hitler kneeling in prayer placed at the center of what was the  largest Jewish ghetto in Nazi-controlled Europe. The artwork by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is titled “Him“.

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Tezyapari, Sinem.  “Are anti-Jewish slogans truly Islamic?”  Jewish Journal, January 23, 2013: “People who hear claims that Islam preaches hatred against Jews should know that there are pages of verses that praise Torah, the prophet Moses and his followers. Jews are descendants of the prophets — Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David and Solomon. Any attempt to annihilate the line of the prophets would be tantamount to evil, and it is unimaginable for a Muslim to remain silent in the face of such an attempt.”

The Algemeiner.  “Understanding the Unparalleled Phenomenon of Jewish Self-Hatred.”  August 26, 2012: “Assimilationists have only a vague awareness of themselves, and believe that everything distinctly Jewish is in need of an apology. It is oftentimes painful to observe the agonizing gestures and convoluted contortions apologists are willing to undertake in the hope of greater acceptance or tolerance from the world around them. For them, public apostasy equates to self-interest and self-preservation, a misguided notion.”

The Yeshiva World News.  “Diaspora Affairs Minister Edelstein to Brief Cabinet on 2012 Anti-Semitism Report”: “one may note that during and after Operation Pillar of Defense, there was no sharp increase in the number of anti-Semitic incidents. There is no doubt that against the background of anti-Semitic phenomena, there are also anti-Zionist approaches and the delegitimization of the State of Israel. However, to our regret, no policy by the State of Israel affects or reduces these manifestations of racist hatred towards Jews.”

Weinthal, Benjamin.  “Analysis: Hezbollah’s lethal anti-Semitism.”  The Jerusalem Post, November 12, 2012: “Spyer added that the Hezbollah “movement deputy leader Naim Qassem said that ‘the history of Jews has proven that, regardless of the Zionist proposal, they are a people who are evil in their ideas.’ Nasrallah, meanwhile, has said that ‘God imprinted blasphemy on the Jews’ hearts.’”

Anti Anti-Semitism

The Times of Israel.  “For Dutch teens, ‘Jew’ the new ‘cool’.”  January 14, 2013.