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Where was Russia with Syria and the Assad family in the decades following the disintegration of the Soviet Union?

How did Maher Al-Assad come to head up an army irretrievably removed from normative discipline in operations?

How is it that the United States has been flying drones against Saudi-backed Sunni Islamists out on the Jihad warpath in the remote outbacks but in Syria supplies the same, or quite similar, with weapons?


The Maghreb / MONA (Middle East North Africa) represent human catastrophe today x ethos x population x internecine or “sectarian” conflict absolutely bereft of cause, meaning, or significance.

That’s right.

Death for nothing.

Had the above to do with “liberal democracy”, the development and expansion of economic resources and inclusion, the empowerment of common constituents to discuss and manage their lives through freely elected representatives, that would be something.  However, the layout looks to me a pack of delinquents playing marbles on a sewer top: autocrats, oligarchs, and thugs drunk on cash on one side; egotistical idiots full of themselves on the other: and the two mixing it up in every form of “battlespace” imaginable: what a mess they have made!

“The Government of Syria estimates that 1.2 million people have been forced to flee their homes and are living in temporary shelters or with host families.”

Imagine having moved every resident man, woman, and child out of Washington, D.C.

That would come to about half the number cited.

Add all of Baltimore.

That would just about do it.

* * *

While confident Israel is keeping watch on Assad’s lost chemical weapons warheads, to whatever extent it may, and tracking other threats involving arms and their transfer — a perfunctory and functional defense approach in response to its neighbors agony, I’m not the least sure about what game plan NATO and the United States have been playing, this especially after the disaster in Benghazi (e.g., “Did CIA and State Department Run Illegal Arms Trafficking in Benghazi?” — Kimberly Dvorak, Examiner, December 10, 2012).

My sources suggest the true target of western activity involving Syria is Iran.

That may be, and I’ll count it a good thing, but it seems complicated too by a Russia vs. NATO post-Cold War scuffle.

That it may involve old familiar proxies — on one side, a malevolent dictator and ruling family aligned with a Russia that officially disappeared as a government (1991); and on the other, a Charlie Wilson’s kind of cloned and updated mujaheddin — suggests to me that the world is watching the flow-down from two anachronistic conflicts batter and bleed Syrian innocents without decency (Russian public relations videos notwithstanding)  or any decent human end in sight.

* * *

I’ve regarded Syria as within Russia’s sphere of influence and, therefore, Russia’s problem to solve.

However, such a condition and fate asks of President Putin a full measure and display of empathy and humanity absolutely opposite Assad family power and Maher al-Assad’s demonstrated callousness and sadism.

Basically, the Colonel President (for Life) must first overcome his own lack of feeling or interest in this conflict and then take up the cause of a greater humanity and freedom on behalf of modern Syrians as they would be if not caught in this junction in time and driven by the immense egotism serving autocrats and Jihadists and less involved humanity hardly at all.

Russia’s neglect of Syria across decades of post-Cold War adjustment has come with a price — and everyone’s paying it, Syrian’s most of all.

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