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The unspoken truth is that the Palestinians, the country’s largest ethnic group, have developed a profound hatred of the regime and view the Hashemites as occupiers of eastern Palestine—intruders rather than legitimate rulers. This, in turn, makes a regime change in Jordan more likely than ever. Such a change, however, would not only be confined to the toppling of yet another Arab despot but would also open the door to the only viable peace solution—and one that has effectively existed for quite some time: a Palestinian state in Jordan.

Zahran, Mudar.  “Jordan is Palestinian.” Pages 3-12, Middle East Quarterly, Wiinter 2012.

Posted to YouTube December 7, 2012, here’s a clip titled “Angelina Jolie Visits Syria, Jordan Border:

I’ll make it two clips with Ms. Jolie:

http://unhcr.org/v-505053a86 (also from winter 2012).

(Source page for the above: http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49e486566.html).

Current UNHCR page tallies “Total Persons of Concern” in Jordan as 431,799.

The displaced, whether from the 1948 war launched against Israel or from the latest horrors taking place today in Syria, carry with them their attitudes and beliefs about themselves (“self-concept”) and attitudes toward the greater world around them.  That’s something to think about as the Syria fled has been irrevocably altered by the methods of war chosen by the Assad regime — e.g., flying air strikes against whole communities; killing noncombatants (in one parlance) / innocents (in another) without distinction from armed or known challengers; and displacing millions without accommodation.

Whether the Assads stay or go, eventually, and in part or as a whole, the Syria that existed as the enthusiasms of the “Arab Spring” approached is gone: whatever may be there, it’s missing 3.4 million of its citizens, either internally displaced or refugee.

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