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Television host, director, and correspondent Martin Himel has produced a body of work on bigotry.

I haven’t been methodical about selecting these clips from Mr. Himel’s YouTube page but to see these themes broadly collected and presented in one place in video should open eyes and hearts to the character of racist and religious hate.




Amazon lists two documentaries by Martin Himel available on DVD (however, I think I may have just snagged the last available copy of Jenin: Massacring Truth): Jenin: Massacring TruthConfrontation at Concordia.

Himel’s work has been airing this month on the Canadian television station Vision TV: Jew Bashing (May 6 to May 27); Persecuted Christians aired on May 6 and may be viewed in Canada in its entirety on the site linked (the message I got in western Maryland: “The channel owner has prohibited viewing from this location).

Bummer, dude.

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