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“Morell’s name has been in the news forremoving the references to terrorism in the Benghazi talking points amid a series of emails between the White House, State Department, and CIA after the attacks last fall. (Morell’s edits of the talking points at right.) But Morrell says he really is leaving to get more time at home.”  http://www.theatlanticwire.com/politics/2013/06/mike-morrell-cia/66179/ 

Yo’Bama: What is going on in there?

I think the American Mind has been so constructed against duplicity — remember: we get Washington and the Cherry Tree when we’re about five years old, if not sooner — that anyone now involved in military and state intelligence probably reaches for the sick bag on the way down to Foggy Bottom or out to Langley.  The Administration may compromise integrity by promoting one narrative to the public and developing another “behind the curtains”.  Each subaltern has to look at himself in the mirror and ask whether what he’s been asked to do is the “American Way” or something dreadfully alien.

All that’s speculation, of course.

And it may cut both ways.  If Israel-Sunni cooperation serves to isolate the Ayatollah in Iran,  which isn’t so hard as he does so much work toward the end himself, should that news be shouted?

I don’t know.

However, as I trust in God, I trust that over time, whether we’re looking over Paul Biya’s Cameroon or criminal warfare in the Congo, the truth in factual data, statistics, and testimony will surface and merge and become evident to a global consciousness.

That doesn’t mean I don’t expect Robert Mugabe, for another example, to do other than pass away peacefully in his sleep and on his own schedule — but what internecine war awaits that sad state, and when it’s over — when everything is over, some day, in Zimbabwe — then what a picture the whole world will see as to what took place (behind the curtains).