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Update: At the moment — 6/30/2013/0850EDT — Ustream’s “Tahrir-sq-live” is dead, off the air, silent.

With photography, one always knows where the photographer stood; with what I saw this morning, one stands where the photographer stands.

Already, I miss being there, in it, from six hours away in the west.



And there we are — split screen: on the left side of my screen, a live camera broadcasting live from the demonstration — no edits, cutaways, voice overs (well, not much) . . . pure data; and on the right side, my blog’s composing tile.

Chanting, horns, whistles . . . waving tricolors . . . a milling crowd ย . . . a littered location —

Oh crap.

Thirty-second commercials . . . .

Inline pop-ups.


I would really rather see advertising in blocks around the main tile — annoying but not invasive.

My grousing aside, the appearance and adaptation of new technologies would seem a part of every conflict: look what we can do!


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