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Russia? We are living in an alternative universe. This is what America should be doing. Instead, our President is going to Congress to intervene militarily on behalf of the jihadists attacking the Christians. Shameful.

Russia Calls for Protection of Christian Holy Places in Maaloula, Syria – Atlas Shrugs 9/8/2013.

Perhaps in “enemy of my enemy” fashion, American anti-Jihad conservatives may seem to be aligning with anti-Jihad Assads.

The Janus-faced brutality would more seem everyone’s enemy.

With Syria, the only good side is either outside of it or, perhaps, hunkered down quietly within the storm and praying to God for it to end with neither a dictator nor a Jihadi left standing.


The Other Side, Possibly, of Anti-Obama, Pro-Assad Endorsement

Who would be wearing the boots and uniforms, holding helmets and assault weapons?

The YouTube counter says “7 views” as I watch it.

Published today by “Ryan Hughes” there are questions about it I can’t answer: who is being beaten?  Where?  On what day?  Why?

Still, it looks authentic.

I bet it is.

Fast Reference

Activists: Syrian Rebels Take Christian Village | TIME.com

Al Qaeda-linked rebels gain control of Christian village, Syrian activists say | Fox 9/8/2013.

Al-Qaeda Vows to Slaughter Christians After U.S. ‘Liberates’ Syria | FrontPage Magazine 9/5/2013:

Thus al-Qaeda terrorists eagerly await U.S. assistance against the Syrian government, so they can subjugate if not slaughter Syria’s Christians, secularists, and non-Muslims — even as the Obama administration tries to justify war on Syria by absurdly evoking the “human rights” of Syrians on the one hand, and lying about al-Qaeda’s presence in Syria on the other.

Maaloula, Christian Village Outside Damascus, Captured By Syrian Rebels, Activists Say

NewsSyria Islamist rebels take control of Christian town of Maaloula – CNN.com 9/8/2013.

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