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The crossing itself, one of the few between Syria and Turkey that are still functional, remained in the hands of the more moderate Free Syrian Army on Wednesday night, despite reports that Islamic State was mounting an offensive to take it.

Al-Qaeda-linked fighters seize Syrian town of Azaz from more moderate rebels – The Washington Post 9/18/2013

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A beheaded little girl, a part of the reference here also earlier this afternoon, a victim denoted Christian, a perpetrator denoted “ISIL” — “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”. 

Related: Al-Qaeda linked group takes over Syrian border town – Telegraph 9/19/2013

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Israeli scholar Phillippe Assouline, among my acquaintance on the social networks, asked in relation to this latest image of decapitation making the rounds,  “Can we sit by and watch our enemies murder non enemies for their religion?? Is that not what happened to us? There is a budding genocide of Christians going on…”

War-related events in Syria have gone way beyond “blast and battle” and “NATO rounds” and the known suite of “insurgent methods”, as ugly as all those things may be: the “war” has slipped over into unadulterated and numbing barbarity.

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Subject Provided Courtesy of the Khmer Rouge


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One could list quite a few historic moments of complete cultural degradation, but that would be too easy.

Instead, I think I will close this post with an obituary from yesterday’s Boston Herald: Holocaust survivor, top German lit critic dies | Boston Herald.  It seems to me as relevant a remark to make about the latest in barbarism associated with the too familiar clowns parading today, perhaps, in Azaz, Syria.

Additional Reference

Al-Qaeda Allied Fighters Capture Rebel-Held Syrian Border Town | TIME.com 9/19/2013

BBC News – ISIS seizure of Syria’s Azaz exposes rebel rifts 9/19/2013: “As a measure of the grip the jihadis have in Azaz, one eyewitness inside the town said no-one was smoking on the streets – tobacco is forbidden according to strict Islamist doctrine.”

Syrian rebels, Qaeda group clash near Turkish border crossing | Reuters 9/19/2013

Residents of Syria’s Azaz enraged over Al-Qaeda takeover | GlobalPost 9/19/2013

Another ISIL Death Cult Public Execution of Pro-Govt Syrian Civilians in al-Raqqa, Syria (18+) – HOLLYWOOD 9/11 9/1/2013

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