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▶ Westgate survivor: Ben recounts his narrow escape at Westgate mall – YouTube 9/22/2013


From the following compilation alone, I tallied reports to 246 dead (rebels included) by way of Islamist violence in recent days.  I’m sure if I have miscounted, the figure is on the low side.  

Let’s round up: should “250 dead” in recent days prove high, somehow, we may wait half a day or a day, seldom more than two, and reality will catch up with it and overtake it.



From a report on the heavily armed assault on the very dangerous civilians shopping (like the one in the above video) at Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya:

Gunmen stormed the mall about noon local time armed with grenades and assault rifles. They asked cornered victims if they were Muslim or non-Muslim, witnesses told the Associated Press. Non-Muslims were held, while Muslims were allowed to go free.

The al-Shabab group said the attacks were in response to a Kenyan military push into Somalia in 2011.

Americans injured in deadly Kenyan mall attack – POLITICO.com 9/21/2013.


Earlier reports —

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) — Fifty-nine dead. At least 175 injured. About 30 hostages still inside, as well as perhaps a dozen gunmen.

Those are the grim numbers, a day after attackers stormed an upscale Nairobi mall, spraying bullets and holding shoppers captive.

Kenya mall attack: About 30 hostages still inside, sources say – CNN.com 9/22/2013

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Americans injured in deadly Kenyan mall attack – POLITICO.com 9/21/2013

Hostages Trapped Inside Nairobi Shopping Mall : The Two-Way : NPR 9/21/2013


Afghanistan “Insider Attack”

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan wearing a security forces uniform turned his weapon against foreign troops Saturday, killing three in eastern Afghanistan, NATO and Afghan officials said, in another apparent attack by a member of the Afghan forces against their international allies.

NATO: 3 troops killed in Afghan insider attack – Worcester Telegram & Gazette – telegram.com 9/21/2013


In Peshawar, Pakistan Today

A TWIN suicide bombing has killed more than 70 people at a church service in northwest Pakistan, the attack believed to be the deadliest on Christians in the country.

The bombers struck at the end of a service at All Saints Church in Peshawar, the main town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province which has borne the brunt of a bloody Islamist insurgency in recent years.

More than 70 killed at Pakistan church | The Australian 9/22/2013

The death toll figure has risen to 78 in many reports:

(Reuters) – A pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a 130-year-old church in Pakistan after Sunday Mass, killing at least 78 people in the deadliest attack on Christians in the predominantly Muslim South Asian country.

Suicide bombers kill 78 Christians outside Pakistani church | Reuters 9/22/2013


Reports from the Philippines

Five rebels and a 71-year-old woman were killed Saturday as fighting dragged on in a southern Philippine city between government troops and Muslim insurgents holding out with about 20 civilian hostages, officials said.

6 More Die as Fighting Drags on in Philippine City – ABC News 9/20/2013

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Near Azaz, Syria

Hundreds of fighters under the command of the opposition Free Syrian Army (FSA) have reportedly switched allegiance to al-Qaeda-aligned groups, in a move described as a huge blow to moderate rebel forces.

Activists and military sources have told Al Jazeera that the 11th Division – one of the biggest FSA brigades – has switched allegiance to the al-Nusra Front in Raqqah province, a border province with Turkey.

FSA brigade ‘joins al-Qaeda group’ in Syria – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


A Pool of Blood in Iraq

Two suicide bombers, one in an explosives-laden car and the other on foot, struck a cluster of funeral tents packed with mourning families in a Shia neighbourhood in Baghdad, the deadliest in a string of attacks around Iraq that killed at least 96 people on Saturday.

Iraq violence: suicide bombers kill at least 72 at Baghdad funeral | World news | theguardian.com 9/21/2013


Iraqi officials say two separate bombings, including a suicide car bomb attack, have killed two security force members and wounded 37 people in the country’s north.

Bombings in Northern Iraq Kill 2, Wound 37 – ABC News 9/22/2013



(CNN) — Militants killed 18 soldiers and eight police officers in south Yemen Friday morning, security officials said.

The attacks targeted installations in Shabwa province on Friday morning, the officials said. They said the attackers used car bombs and heavy artillery.

Yemen: Militants attack military, police installations, kill 26 – CNN.com 9/20/2013


Abuja, Nigeria

The shoot out took place near the main residential compound for lawmakers in Abuja on Friday and was the first clash involving Islamist militants in the capital this year.

Boko Haram fighting Nigerian troops in Abuja – Telegraph 9/20/2013

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Additional Reference

BBC News – General killed as Egyptian forces raid pro-Morsi town September 19, 2013.

Kurds push jihadists from Syria village: NGO – Region – World – Ahram Online September 18, 2013

Has Syria Got a Prayer? Attacks on Christian Churches Near Damascus | National Review Online Interview with Raymond Ibrahim, September 7, 2013.

Syrian troops storm central village, killing 15 | Boston Herald September 22, 2013.

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