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In terms of the British media, it may have something to do with the fact that Britain is home to at the very least 1.2 million Pakistani Muslims. The other reason is that the plight of Pakistani Christians is largely overlooked by our mainstream media — both tabloid and ‘serious’. As for the British government, the plight of Christians in Pakistan is almost literally completely ignored.

Articles: Media Imbalance on the Nairobi & Peshawar Massacres by Paul Austin Murphy, 9/24/2013

American Thinker may have overlooked the “just like us” factor and how the online chatyping and journaling classes may have better related to the comparatively affluent, educated, and sophisticated consumers doing their western thing in the romantic and predominantly Christian capital of Kenya while finding Peshawar yet remote in space and time, a curiosity flickering yet a little farther from the center of consciousness and concern.

Credit Paul Austin Murphy, however, for looking into the other mirror: the history of long-transmitted Muslim attitudes toward Jews and Christians and others.

It’s no surprise, then, that al-Shabaab singled out Muslims for life and the rest for death in this latest event in the 1,400-year-long jihad against the ‘unbeliever’. Witnesses have said that the killers told all the Muslims to leave. One Kenyan survivor, a Elijah Lamau, said: “They came and said: ‘If you are Muslim, stand up. We’ve come to rescue you’.”

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