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Under Abbas, the PA has been waging a war of words against the Jewish state, engaging in anti-Semitic incitement of the vilest kind and using Holocaust denial, racial slurs, and Judeophobic epithets. It is a stream of hostility cultivated and implemented over the past decade under the Abbas leadership. A stream which is competing with “Der Ewige Jude”, the Eternal Jew, favored by Joseph Goebbels, in which Jews are compared to rats.

Giulio Meotti – Abbas is a War Criminal: The Evidence – Op-Eds – Israel National News, 9/27/2013.


A comment in The New York Times on the funding and training of Palestinian Authority Security Forces:

Much of the training supported by the United States and the European Union was conducted in Jordan, away from traditional Palestinian bases, in hopes that months away from home would cement a new professional ethos. Yet old neighborhood and clan ties continued to be used in recruitment and some of the most powerful Palestinian security organizations remained outside the reform regimen.

Kimberly Marten – The Bane of Palestinian Infighting – NYTimes.com – 6/26/2013.


We write today because we are deeply disturbed by recent reports of large-scale political arrests being carried out by the Palestinian Authority inside the occupied West Bank. These arrests have targeted critics of the Palestinian Authority, including youth activists, human rights defenders, prisoners’ rights organizers and scholars, and journalists, including former political prisoners held by Israel and released in the October 2011 prisoner exchange agreement and subsequently.


This operation is currently under the command of Rear Admiral Paul Bushong.9 We are deeply disturbed by the security coordination regime and the role of the United States, highly committed to supporting the Israeli military diplomatically, economically and militarily, in maintaining this regime to the detriment of Palestinians’ freedom of association and expression.

National Lawyers Guild, Free Palestine Subcommittee.  Letter to Mr. Maen Areikat, Chief Representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the United States, Mr. Ali Muhanna, Minister of Justice, Palestinian National Authority, and Mr. Riyad al-Maliki, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Palestinian National Authority, October 8, 2012. PDF.

The oddness of the fracturing of the flow down from duel authoritarian modes and the simplistic ways of understanding them seems to me ever striking.  Plainly through its behavior and language over time, the Palestinian Authority remains bent on Israel’s destruction and the theft outright of the Jewish state, and in that it has no place to go, and yet it seems to cull or silence competitors either worse than itself or better.


Perhaps it would be well to mention here that the American freedom of speech concept was and remains intended to protect discomforting or unpopular speech — not conspiracy or incitement to commit crimes, but politically distasteful speech, and that on the basis that protecting legitimate criticism is a necessary facet of a living and progressing democracy.

As regards then the constituents governed by the Palestinian Authority, one might then take an interest in whose voices have been intimidated, restrained, or silenced by it.


▶ West Bank IDF soldier murder poses threat to peace talks: Israel soldier killed by sniper in Hebron – YouTube, 9/24/2013


It appears one state cannot bribe another — that is what western assistance seems made to look like — off its language-conveyed-and-sustained program, however destructive, evil, and deeply misguided and suffocating to its own people that program may be.

Children Taught to Hate on Palestinian Television: Where’s the Coverage? – YouTube, 7/14/2013.

▶ “Our enemy is Satan, Zion with a tail” – girl on PA TV – YouTube, 9/23/2013


I had the opportunity to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who expressed grave concern both for Israel’s security as well as for the prospects for peace. “How,” he asked us, “could the Palestinian leadership be a serious partner for peace if it welcomed into its ranks vicious terrorists who continue to deny the very right of the state of Israel to exist?” His concern is more than justified.

U. S. Congressman Steve Chabot speaking in the early minutes of a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee-level hearing on the middle east conflict – PROMOTING PEACE? REEXAMINING U.S. AID TO THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY, July 12, 2011.


Gross corruption charges have for a long time been directed at the PLO, which already by 1993 was the richest terrorist organization in the world, according to the British National Criminal Intelligence Service, having assets of ten billion dollars and an annual income of approximately two billion dollars. The Daily Telegraph reported in 1999 that the PLO had secretly invested over 50 billion dollars around the world. Still, Norway has continuously broken bread with these people.

Gates of Vienna: Seduced by Palestinian Propaganda – 1/19/2013

Additional Reference

Arguably, the use of propaganda by Palestinians to gain compassion and political support has been their one great success. The Palestinian narrative of victimhood, with its falsifications of history and politics, its portrayal of themselves as not only innocent but the most compelling victims in the world, its staging of events to blame Israel for atrocities they themselves have committed, its deliberate concentration on alleged injuries or deaths of children, and its achievement in persuading much of the media to accept and advance its manipulation of language and action, have all been part of its success in the propaganda war.

Michael Curtis – American Thinker – Articles: The Palestinian Use of Propaganda – 9/29/2013

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The loosely compiled list that follows may be offered more for impression than information.

As with the above material, it’s indicative of the official continuance of a surreal state of affairs, one in which Israel and the west put up effort in funding, labor, and services to bring the refugees of 1948 into a modern state and state of being while the graying post-Soviet remnant of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) continues to promote an anti-Semitic, genocidal, and totalitarian engine suited to its own combined tribal and mafioso needs.

The real story hasn’t to do with murder per se but with the complete and final enslavement and subjugation of the refugees generations by way of the control of what they may read and speak and think.

Deception: Betraying the Peace Process: Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik: Amazon.com: Books (2012)  Even the unhappy review of the book lauded its scholarship and acknowledged the true state of affairs illustrated by it.

Palestinian Authority: Pursuing Peace, or Pushing Propaganda? – The Daily Beast – 12/11/2011

Palestinian Authority blocks critical websites – Committee to Protect Journalists – 4/24/2012

Palestinian Propaganda – Wild Olive web site page, n.d.

5 Signs of Sinking Palestinian Press Freedom | HonestReporting – 4/2/2013

West Bank and Gaza Strip * | Freedom House – 2012

After a while, and if one has lied in a large way, one sees it on the World Wide Web, the “mirror, mirror” not on the wall but on the desktop.


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United States security assistance to the Palestinian National Authority – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

U.S. Dept. State, United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority (USSC)

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Zanotti, Jim.  “U.S. Foreign Aid to the Palestinians.”  Congressional Research Service, January 18, 2013:

Since the establishment of limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed over $4 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians, who are among the world’s largest per capita recipients of international foreign aid.

Successive Administrations have requested aid for the Palestinians to support at least three major U.S. policy priorities of interest to Congress:

• Preventing terrorism against Israel from Hamas and other militant organizations.

• Fostering stability, prosperity, and self-governance in the West Bank that inclines Palestinians toward peaceful coexistence with Israel and a “two-state solution”.

• Meeting humanitarian needs

Zanotti, Jim.  “U.S. Security Assistance to the Palestinian Authority.”  Congressional Research Service, January 8, 2010.

Etc. – Fragments and Outtakes

Those who follow the middle east conflict more closely know that beneath the sawing of vocal interlocutors in the Preoccupied Territories, legitimate economic development, and utility and trade throughput plus access to higher education and sophisticated medical services have formed arrangements that the well known vanguard of the vain may feel beneath their own considerations.


First, as I just said, I profoundly believe that it is in the national security interest of the United States to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Second, I am one of those who firmly believes in a two-state solution: a Palestinian state living in peace and security alongside the state of Israel is the only solution that will meet the long-term needs of Israel and the aspirations of the Palestinian people. This has long been the policy of our national leadership, and I share it.

Third, let me state very clearly my deep conviction—and I tell this to my Israeli friends all the time—that as President Obama said last year, the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable today, it is unbreakable tomorrow, and it is unbreakable forever. [Applause.]

Lt. General Keith Dayton, U.S. Security Coordinator, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Michael Stein Address on U.S. Middle East Policy, program of the Soref Symposium, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, May 7, 2009.


Before I get into the details of the program, I would like to remind you that the Government of Israel has 100% ransparency into all aspects of US support to the PA Security Forces (PASF) and that the USSC will never advocate or sponsor activities that could threaten Israeli security.

Lt. General Moeller, United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Statement for House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, July 12, 2011.  PDF.

Convincing Washington to support the security mission remains a tall order even today. Despite the undisputed progress the Palestinian security force has shown on the ground, Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives have recently put yet another hold on funds for maintaining and developing the force, as a demonstration of their displeasure with policies adopted by the Palestinian Authority.

 Nathan Guttman – Why No Love for Security Cooperation? – Forward.com – 6/19/2012.

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