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The Jewish drama, as set out in the Bible, is the story of a nation that from the outset and until the present day chooses freedom over submission, while maintaining allegiance to a sacred trust, and an ancient people and a promised land.
When you understand this, remaining Jewish is a privilege, not a sacrifice.

Caroline B. Glick: Why 71% of Jews believe that leaving Judaism is not a tragedy but simply a natural progression – 10/9/2013.

Well, Ms. Glick, some young fill up on Jewish this and Jewish that and tons of Holocaust imagery and lore and wish not to be bothered the minute they have the option to be free of all of that; and some old turn around in America to find themselves demographically marooned and not much interested in living in the Jewish State.

However, among the mixed multitude in freedom-loving and predominantly “Judeo-Christian” America, “choosing freedom over submission” would seem Jewish strictly or Jewish casually for the vast majority whatever their religious affiliation may be, modern Muslims included.

That, we know, is not Jewish enough to sustain Judaism and the marvels it promotes in ethical and moral thought, the Jewish experience comprising in part a Great Soulful Conversation About God and Man Inspired by the Torah.

However, ask an agnostic, nonobservant Jew to accept Christ or recite the Shahada and see what those numbers do.


Expect converts and reverts.

Expect resurgence.

Latent in phase, no better testimony has been provided to the Jewish People and Israel than that expressed by those who have spent their lives full of animosity and hatred for both.

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