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As a result of their American-enforced protections until 2003, and later as a result of the weakened central government in Baghdad after Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Iraqi Kurds were left to govern themselves for 22 years, from 1991 to present. During this period, the Kurds have literally lifted their corner of Iraq from the ashes, establishing not only one of the most prosperous polities in the region, but also by far the best approximation of secular democracy that the Middle East can currently offer.

The Plight of the Syrian Kurds | The Institute of Politics at Harvard University – n.d.

Perhaps no new war news is good news.

At least at the moment, “Syria Kurds fighting” isn’t bring up hours old reports and videos.

All may be tense on that front but, so far as the reality-to-news lag is concerned, it’s quiet, and that’s a good thing: in addition to fending off the AQTypal Out There, the Kurds in their camps and villages have a turn coming in the weather to be followed by winter.

It’s good, I’m sure, to have a few fair days ahead of what’s to come, winter being always certain.

On the theme of winter, the VOA has had a story all over the web this past week, but, deja vu, as regards the Kurdish community’s collective consciousness, the people have the memory of having been there and been through it before, war zone and all: “THE Kurds of northern Iraq are heading into winter with their political future as uncertain as ever – and with food and fuel stocks so low that even a belated international relief effort may not head off hardship” (Jim Muir, “Iraq Kurds Face Winter, Neighbors’ Discontent,” The Christian Science Monitor, November 17, 1992).

This year may be different — different zone, relief planes instead of trucks, bands of marauders instead of Saddam Hussein’s military, etc.

The web may make a difference too.

What was barely out of the laboratory in 1992 has produced its own civilization and intelligentsia. However, while the newfangled global political system may prove responsive to those in distress and more than worthy of aid, it seems not to have really kicked in yet.  In fact, the Internet’s  Emerging Global Order (I-EGO) has at this point only to watch the world, take it in, set up its emotions, think about what it will do when it’s a little more capable of urging its own defense and better attending to the security of those it loves — and there will be those it loves.


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Turkey and the Syrian Kurds: A little-noticed battle | The Economist – 9/25/2013: “A Syrian rebel fighting the Kurds told our correspondent that “Allah be praised, Turkey is giving us some weapons” though he added that the France and Saudi Arabia were “much more generous”.

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These two are not even remotely “on topic” but they’re telling of the type of wars being fought, i.e., two wars of annihilation and enslavement and a smaller one about democracy.

Fire fell ‘like rain’ in Syria – CNN.com – 10/12/2013.

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