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Almodallal, a 23-year-old who speaks fluent British-accented English, has assumed a post normally held by tough-talking men who voice Hamas’ bitter opposition to Israel. She will be responsible for the Gaza government’s communications with the international media.

Isra Almodallal Appointed First Spokeswoman For Hamas – 11/10/2013

Not only is the above yesterday’s news, it’s more exciting than today’s, so far, reported out of Gaza.

Fatah said it did not organize a march because Hamas denied permission.

Hamas Displays Gaza Grip, as Protest Call Fails – ABC News – 11/11/2013.


It looks like the main base of Palestinian Tamarod just got off on a technicality.

I kid a little bit, discretion having been perhaps the better part of valor on this day’s promised demonstration by Fatahnikki in Gaza.

As with much else associated with the middle east conflict, today’s news, however clear and accurate, may not be complete, the government marching ever a few steps ahead of its subjugated and subdued constituents:

“The campaign started with summons that were sent to the majority of the arrested persons to refer to the ISS head office each in his area and/or arrest them from their houses. … [It] targeted a number of Fatah leaders, including current and former province secretaries, area secretaries and other members. The arrested persons were questioned about giving money to families of Fatah members who were wounded or killed during the events of June 2007,” the PCHR stated in a media release issued on Aug. 13.

Hamas Accused of Targeting Fatah Activists in Gaza – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East – 8/23/2013.

Although Gaza’s Interior Ministry is trying to downplay the importance of this movement, the security authorities on the ground seem to have a different opinion. They summoned and detained a large number of journalists, activists and politicians to question them about Tamarod.

Tamarod Calls for Protest Against Hamas in Gaza – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East – 9/3/2013.

Whatever the origin of today’s report, so far, preventive detention would seem a policing technique that work for Hamas.


▶ Martin Luther King, Jr. on Moral Courage – YouTube

” . . . just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90 . . . you died when you refused to stand up for right, you died when you refused to stand up for truth, you died when you refused to stand up for justice . . . .”

If in Gaza, one says, “You first” or “Just as soon as they let me go,” the world may take note and God will just have to understand with a weary acknowledgment the soul deadening character of the Hamafia-created atmosphere and its gruesome legacy and portent.

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