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According to Hungarian newspapers, the xenophobic, anti-Semitic party Jobbik (“The Righter”), which has three seats in the European Parliament, has launched a campaign to expunge from textbooks the accepted theory according to which Hungarians are a Finno-Ugric people, and replace it with one according to which they are related to the Huns, Avars and Scythians, Indo-Iranian nomads that inhabited large parts of the Eurasian steppe in the first half of the first millennium C.E.

Hungarian nationalists claim Eastern origins | Standplaats Wereld – 9/22/2009

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Magyar Post and Iran Post have released a joint stamp.Iranian-Hungarian stamp The Hungarian issue uses the same designs as the Iranian stamps and is due to be released on December 31, 2010. On the 80 ft Hungarian stamp there are Termeh motifs from Yazd and on the 240 ft stamp Jazygian (jász) embroidery motifs are shown. The background printing of both stamps has the colors of the national flag of the respective country, and the inscriptions are in both Hungarian and Persian.

Iran | Search Results | Hungarian Spectrum – 11/19/2010.

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Instead of courting American investment, Jobbik’s Zoltan Balczo, the deputy speaker of parliament, recently led a protest in front of the U.S. Embassy to express solidarity with Iran. He accused Israel of manipulating the U.S. government, saying “the tail should not wag the dog.”

This sentiment was more explicitly expressed in an interview by Marton Gyongyosi, Jobbik’s foreign policy chief and co-chair of the Hungarian parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee: “It is not that hard to see the control of the Zionist lobby over U.S. lawmakers and the American President.”

An Ostracized Hungarian Party Embraces Iran – 12/15/2011.

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The spokesman for Jobbik questioned if more than 400,000 Hungarian Jews were really murdered or deported during the Holocaust, and said that it has become a political business to elevate the numbers. He also told a British newspaper that Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is a “Nazi system” and compared Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Joseph Goebbels. “The Jews don’t have the right to talk about what happened in the Second World War,” he said.

Hungarian Nationalist Party Courts Iran, Denies Holocaust | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com – 2/6/2012.

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Hungary always had a far right movement. During the war it was the ARROW CROSS Party, which was funded by Hitler around the same time he started funding the Mufti of Jerusalem. About 1931-33. By 1944 they were in control of the country, as the pro German dictator, Admiral Horthy was no longer trusted by the Nazis, so the Nazis invaded the country in 1944.

430,000 Jews were sent off between 43 and early 45 to the camps. Mostly Auschwitz, but also to the Russian front as human shields. Today about 200,000 remain.

Hungarian Far Right Funded by Iran, Turkey and Russia – Atlas Shrugs – 2/24/2013.


The appearance of anti-Semitic movements in any state should set off alarms, but not necessary for Jews only.  The surfacing of bigots and their rants bodes ill for the defense of values more helpful to the body politic.

Hungarians who are not a part of Jobbick know this.

Hungary condemns Jobbiks’ anti-Semitic and pro-Iran statements: Jobbik party wants Jews to leave – YouTube – 2/8/2012.

Related update (after noticing the link rot in relation to the above video): Hungary Premier Condemns Anti-Semitism, As Far-Right Jobbik Party Blasts Jews – 5/6/2013; Bajnai’s E14-PM and local Jewish leader condemn Jobbik politician’s Holocaust remarks – 2/14/2014; Anti-Semitism in Hungary: Jobbik in Parliament | CEJI – n.d.; Jewish leader condemns Jobbik politician’s Holocaust remarks | Politics.hu – 2/13/2014.  The compilation’s loose.  I see today (2/26/2014) that a ponderous but possibly helpful 44-minute documentary on the subject appears at ANTI-SEMITISM IN HUNGARY – YouTube – 1/8/2014.


Reza Shah Pahlavi became obessed and seduced by Htilers’ concept of racial purity. He began researching the fact that both Germans and Persians are Persians are from same the Aryan (Indo-european) race.

Because he became seduced by Hitler’s ideology of racial purity, Reza Shah Pahlavi draws attention to the fact that both Germans and Persians are from the Aryan (Indo-european) race. He renames Persia and calls it Iran (in reference to the Aryan race).

History of Iran and the Nazis | Tavern Keepers – 5/20/2013


“The Persian people and their leaders are considered pariahs in the eyes of the West, which serves Israeli interests,” said Marton Gyongyosi, Jobbik’s foreign policy chief, at a pro-Iran demonstration organized by the party in December at the US Embassy in Budapest. “This is why we have solidarity with the peaceful nation of Iran and turn to her with an open heart.”

Iran and Hungarian party form anti-Semitic alliance | The Times of Israel – 3/11/2013.

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Press TV, Iran’s government-run English-language satellite news network, has taken its usual viciously anti-Semitic conspiracy theories a step further. It now claims not only that Jews are to blame for the Holocaust, but also that because Jews did not learn from their supposed wrongs in Nazi Germany that “American Zionists” are “incubating another Hitler.”

The November 9 article, “American Zionists incubating another Hitler,” was written by a Press TV colum­nist named M.I. Bhat, who also writes for the conspiratorial anti-Semitic website Veterans Today. The Press TV piece was additionally published two days earlier in Veterans Today under the title “Are American Jews incubating another Hitler?”

Rouhani’s Moderate Iran Not So Moderate « Commentary Magazine – 11/14/2013.

Considering the ravages of World War II and, ultimately, its effects on the German People themselves, it’s a wonder that within the constituency of any European power the same bogus political philosophy should take hold, albeit with less reference, if any, to Hitler or “Hitlerism”.

However, it appears that Hungary’s Jobbik Party has been helped along by those who have to some extent mastered a system of patronage:

He dis­turbingly con­cludes his arti­cle by imply­ing another Holo­caust is com­ing, this time to Amer­i­can Jews. Bhat writes, “how neatly this descrip­tion [of how Jew­ish con­trol and manip­u­la­tion resulted in all of Germany’s ills] depicts the cur­rent state of affairs of the United States! …Zion­ists don’t seem to draw any lessons from their past actions and expe­ri­ences.” Bhat asks, “If descrip­tion above [sic] of the post-WWI Ger­many is what led the Ger­mans to rally behind Hitler, should it then sur­prise Zion­ists or the world at large if Amer­ica pops up its own Hitler?”

m.i. bhat » ADL Blogs – 11/13/2013.


Iran’s Hezbollah program is a global enterprise; it should surprise no one that the regime would attempt to reproduce its anti-Semitic obsessions in other states.  A portion of Hungary, apparently, has succumbed; in America, Americans are not only not so dumb, I, we, and they are both practical and vigilant, heightening the penalties for hate crimes, watching the news carefully, and tracking the numbers — in the U.S., more of crime than of organizations that sometimes care to brag impacts and numbers they just don’t have and can’t get.

Related Reference

Hitler’s Mufti | Catholic Answers – 20:1 – January 2009:

To assist the practical slaughter of Jews and Christians, al-Husseini built an army of Muslim volunteer units for the Waffen-SS (the combat units of the dread SS) to operate for the Nazi cause in the Balkans. While the appeal for volunteers from among Muslims always struggled to meet the demands for new recruits, al-Husseini was able to organize three divisions of Bosnian Muslims who were then trained as elements of the Waffen-SS.

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Jobbik’s foreign relations expert: Márton Gyöngyösi | Hungarian Spectrum – 2/12/2012.

Roma Community Centre-Toronto | Hungary Continues to Be a Frighteningly Racist Hellscape – 10/8/2013.

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