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The first baby born at the Israeli Defense Forces field hospital in the Philippines was delivered safely on Friday. The mother named the boy Israel.

The IDF sent a 148 person delegation to the Philippines on Wednesday in order to provide search, rescue and medical services in response to super-typhoon Haiyan.

First baby born in IDF field hospital in Philippines, named Israel | JPost | Israel News – 11/15/2013.

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The Talmud describes Jews as rachmanim b’nei rachmanim: a compassionate people who are sensitive to human suffering. They are unable to sit by and ignore the terrible drama of human misery. Instead, they get up and do something about it.

As the world learned the news about Haiti one Tuesday in January, the Israeli Defense Forces were already planning their response. By Friday they had already pitched camp in Haiti.

Qanta Ahmed, MD: Lessons From the IDF in Haiti: Opportunities in Global Health Diplomacy for the Muslim World – 3/7/2010.

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