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In sum, Syria embodies multi-layered “spider web-like “ networks of Sunni and Shia militias and paramilitary forces, and this can only continue to plunge Syria into violence and chaos not unlike the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990), although Syria’s war is at least 100 times worse and intense and potentially will last a lot longer.

The supporters of these proxy rebel groups, like Saudi Arabia, the UAE , and other GCC states on the Sunni jihadists’ side, and Iran on the Shia side, have no regard for the innocent civilians suffering horrifically in Syria and also as refugees in neighboring countries. These proxy supporters are as guilty of atrocities as Bashar al-Assad. All sides are guilty of war crimes

The merger of jihad franchises in Syria: A war of Islamisms | JPost | Israel News – 11/26/2013.

In the order encountered in the above article: The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS); Free Syrian Army; Ahrar al-Sham; Jaysh al-Islam; Suqour al-Sham; Liwa al-Tawhid; Liwa al-Haqq; Ansar al-Sham; Kurdish Islamic Front; Hezbollah; Revolutionary Guard Corps.


“I want to say to the clerics to fear Allah.  They have destroyed people.  They have destroyed families.  They have destroyed all people.  They have destroyed young people.  They lie to them and lure them.  For what?  For Jihad for the sake of Allah.  All this is nothing but slander and brainwashing.”

▶ Jordanian Jihadist Surprised as he Finds out he was Treated for 6 Months at Syrian Govt Hospital. – YouTube – Posted 11/26/2013.


We can thus say with high confidence that at least 1,200 European Muslims have gone to Syria since the start of the war. This is a remarkable figure; we are talking about the largest European Muslim foreign fighter contingent to any conflict in modern history.

Number of foreign fighters from Europe in Syria is historically unprecedented. Who should be worried? by Thomass Hegghammer, 11/27/2013.

Referenced by the above link: European Foreign Fighters in Syria – The Washington Institute for Near East Policy – 4/2/2013.

Also by Thomas Hegghammer: “Should I Stay or Should I go?  Explaining Variation in Western Jihadists’ Choice between Domestic and Foreign Fighting.”  American Political Science Review, February 2013.


Hey, guys, let’s put on a war and see who shows up!

The Mohammad Must Off Ya Club, partially invited by the Old Soviet Boys Network and the Shiite Propeller Beanies — everyone’s making money but the fighters, and some of those are making money too — have found their calling in Syria:

Explosive weapons, including bombs, killed seven in 10 of the more than 11,000 Syrian children under the age of 17 who have died in Syria’s brutal civil war, according to a report released on Sunday . . . Most often, they were killed by explosives, but also from executions and torture. Since March 2011, 113,735 civilians and combatants have been killed in the Syrian conflict.

Report: Over 11,000 Syrian children killed in war, most by explosives | Al Jazeera America – 11/24/2013.

At the start of Syria’s agony, Maher al-Asad himself set the tone by firing a weapon from an urban sidewalk toward an opposite corner.  Since then, the barbarism all around has dived into subhuman realms and expanded through the combatants coming on to or persisting on the field.

Exercise your imagination with this factoid from the above cited Al Jazeera piece:

Small arms fire from guns and rifles accounted for 2,806, or 26.5 percent, of the children killed, with 764 children who were executed and 398 killed by fire from a sniper. And among those children who were executed, 112 were tortured, including some infants.


Upon arrival in Syria, the mercenaries were told that their employers were private individuals, not the Syrian government, and the weapons they were told they’d be given, including T-72 tanks, were replaced by antiquated tanks that didn’t run, and by makeshift armored vehicles with machine guns. Also, they soon learned that instead of guarding oil fields, they were supposed to be recapturing them from jihadists.

The Insane Story of Russian Mercenaries Fighting for the Syrian Regime | James Miller – 11/21/2013.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when what we do best is set out to murder and deceive.

For money.

* * *

St Petersburg newspaper Fontanka interviewed some mercenaries who said that they were lured by a promise to get $4,000 per month and a solemn oath that the first salary would be transferred within days.

They were taken on a flight to Beirut, Lebanon and from there they were transferred by cars to Damascus. When they reached the Syrian border they traveled with a convoy of local guardsmen. In Damascus they were taken to a local hotel. The following day they were transferred by a plane to Latakia, and from there to a Syrian military base.

Russian mercenaries helping Assad against Syrian rebels | Ya Libnan | World News Live from Lebanon – 11/17/2013.

Anyone want to fight the brutal dictatorship or the anachronistic Jihad?

The action’s Over There, Syria, wide open, no rules but mob rules, mafia or sharia.

Choose sides; find some buddies; prepare to bomb or torture infants or just lay back and trade mortar, RPG, and automatic fire around the countryside.

Film crews provided.

▶ Al-Nusra Front Attacking Syrian Army Checkpoint In Idlib – YouTube – Posted 11/19/2013.

In Syria already and not in love with fighting?

These alternative headlines are for you:

No easy way to Germany for Syrian refugees | World | DW.DE | 27.11.2013

No Room Service for Syria’s Refugees | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT – 11/26/2013.  ” . . . Syrian refugees cling to a fragile existence on Istanbul’s streets . . . .”

For Syrian refugees in Lebanon, mounting piles of debt (+video) – CSMonitor.com – 11/25/2013.


The Islamic Small Wars are no longer about infidels, Islam, or states: they’are about kinds of persons, sometimes the absolute autocrats one feels comfortable referring to as “malignant narcissists”; sometimes common bandits, murderers, psychos, and thieves taking the opportunity to cloak themselves in patriotism or religion; sometimes nothing more than young men in the hormonal sway of grandiose messianic delusions.

Perhaps it will turn out a good thing to have had them gathered so in one bloody place.

They’re all easier to see that way — and what a spectacle they make of themselves.

While the malignancies do the chop-chop and Kalashnikov war dances, Oxfam on Syria notes the following:

  • The UN estimates that almost 7 million Syrians inside of Syria are in need of assistance, including 4.25 million internally displaced.
  • Thousands continue to flee Syria daily.
  • The total number of refugees in neighboring countries is now more than 2.2 million.
  • It is estimated that the population of Lebanon has increased by more than 25% and the population of Jordan by 6%. This is putting extreme pressure on local infrastructure.

Crisis in Syria: What Oxfam is doing | Oxfam International

Soon there will be no one with whom to negotiate peace, nor any basis for peace, nor any justice in any accommodation involving peace.

The Syria once owned by the Assad regime has died and gone to hell, and there it is burning, its many fires kept lit by demons within and without.

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Addendum 11/28/2013

In what has become the style of this blog:

“One 24-year-old man, suspected of organising journeys to Syria, was in touch with several “fixers” who facilitated travel between Turkey and Syria, while another previously fought with an Islamist group in Syria, the sources said.”

http://www.france24.com/en/20131115-france-arrests-four-suspected-syria-jihadists – 11/15/2013.

In casual and often jocular language typical of messages on social media, the authors paint a rosy picture of life on the front, stressing the pious atmosphere and the sense of brotherhood-in-arms shared by the fighters. They note that recruits may come with their wives and children, and stress the practical advantages of joining the jihad community in Syria, such as the prospect of finding a bride and the low cost of living.

French-Speaking Jihad Fighters In Syria: ‘France, Soon It Will Be Your Turn’ – Atlas Shrugs – 11/9/2013.

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