“The worst crime they committed was that they toasted people in ovens used to bake bread when those people came to buy it. They kidnapped and beat up many.”

Government claims Islamic rebels executed civilians in Adra [UPDATE] – UPI.com – 12/16/2013.

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Civilians told us that the workers of an Adra bakery were all executed and burned during the first hours of the attack. Whole families were massacred. We do not have an exact estimation of the number because we are unable to get into the town, but the number is high,” Kinda Shimat, Syria’s Social Affairs Minister, told RT.

‘Slaughtered like sheep’: Eyewitnesses recount massacre in Adra, Syria — RT News – 12/17/2013.


Clearly, the evildoers have lost their minds and souls and have exceeded limits.

What are they going to do with themselves?

The only thing worse — actually, there is nothing worse: they have drilled down to hell — is what some of my fellow writers seem to be doing with the information, which is conflating the barbarity of al-Qaeda affiliates with American policy while doing the look-away on the state-borne “death from above” that has dumped tens of thousands of pounds of bombs on Syrian noncombatants, conveniently also conflated with “the terrorists”, a now convenient catch-all for all the Assad regime (shall I conflate that with Putin?) finds adverse to its outright ownership of its subjugated people.


A man who appears to be their commander admonishes his men, “Come on guys, we are here to carry out our duties not to seek revenge on our own. This is unacceptable.”

One of the paramilitaries smilingly replies, “But we are killing them in God’s cause, only in God’s cause.”

Opinion: Syrian war’s brutality isn’t going away – CNN.com – 10/11/2013.

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“The horrific things that each side has done to the other now gives license to this kind of behavior . . . as the rest of the world tries to understand what it can do in Syria, who the bad guys are and who the good guys are, it’s becoming harder and harder to make that judgment.”

One Photographer’s Witness to a Brutal Execution in Syria – LightBox – 9/12/2013.

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