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There’s nothing murky about it [the region] — just Human Language Programming (HLP!) in action PLUS a sub-state basis for relationship in private matters involving friendship and kinship, honor and greed. The evil deed doers, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Somalia to Kenya to Syria to Lebanon are rolling out the programming (and scripts) in their heads. They really believe that theirs is the Kingdom of God and God has only asked them to fight for it. Probably, there’s other politics involving fear and greed, humiliation and honor, but the sectarian legends and lines serve for a cover.

The next reader on the thread wrote, “That’s a fanciful explanation.  This is about the rivalry between KSA and Iran for dominance of the ME.”

My response: “Dominance on behalf of what?  Topside and underside, please.”

Power and wealth on the underside — and power becomes the power to make people do your will and best demonstrated by their doing things they’ve no wish to do nor much reward for doing.  In that way, every “suicide bomber” becomes peon to the powerful, an exploding poem to their powerful will and accompanying political acumen, cruelty, and ruthlessness; and topside, well, the keys to Sunni or Shiite heaven, proven in glorious battle, just the same as it was 1,400 years ago.

If any such as those weep over the wars they have brought out of their dreams and to their doorsteps, they will weep again when the wake from them.


Raw: Beirut Car Bomb Kills Politician, Others – YouTube – 12/27/2013.


The motives behind the assassination of Mr Chatah, a moderate, remain a mystery. But there seems to be a general belief that he was killed for what he represented more than for his own profile.

Carine Torbey in her brief analysis next to BBC News – Beirut blast kills Sunni ex-minister Mohamad Chatah – 12/27/2013.

Incidental bombings may be liked to blasting caps next to dynamite: we don’t know which event will set off the larger explosion — for Beirut, a return to fighting in the streets — but we know the effect is to encourage sectarian animosity and force action on the side of the aggrieved — and all sides become aggrieved.

* * *

“The first thing I saw was half of a woman in the garden next to the trees, and then a man who had a piece of metal in his head, dead on the ground” . . . .

Powerful explosion rocks downtown Beirut; former ambassador to U.S., 4 others killed – The Washington Post – 12/27/2013.

Downtown Beirut.

Rebuilt, commercial, bustlin’ and hustlin’ — and boom!

While we’re aware of the Hariri facet, shocked by the attack taking place in the heart of Beirut’s central business district, and tuned to sectarian Sunni vs. Shiite animosity region-wide, we have yet to experience the wrath of the Beirut Landlordians but may expect that the same, their insurers, and their army have been enraged at this affront to their security powers.

Unleash the investigators! says I, for this latest version of warfare in which the evildoers, the aggressors, the transgressors, disappear with their actions and keep their mouths shut afterward.

* * *

Chatah was known as a staunch critic of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom he accused of meddling in Lebanon’s internal affairs. Hezbollah has sent fighters to help al-Assad’s forces in the Syrian civil war.

Lebanon’s Mohamad Chatah, a Hezbollah foe, killed in blast – CNN.com – 12/27/2013.


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