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The sources was this +18 (graphic content) URL from Pakistan: A glimpse of Taliban’s spectacular reaction to ‘drone strikes’ in their world of love and revenge – 12/26/2013.  It features Taliban playing soccer with the heads of slaughtered police.  Commentary (mine):

People like this may change their affiliations and labels, but . . . it’s them . . . and in their comparative isolation, they do what they do with a minimum of, shall we call, stopping power. If one could have seen the assemblies of Genghis Khan at their first skirmishes, possibly one would have seen much like this. One may wonder how much such crude barbarity grows up by the Age of the Guillotine, not to march on to Hiroshima. What has changed more in the heart may be a change in the status of ideas having to do with humanity and power across a larger sphere of interconnected humanity.

In Israel and in the west, the presence of mortal enemies in life, a fact of life, has been converted largely to a practical matter in defense, and contempt modified or inhibited in favor of helpful service where possible. As regards Syria today, Israel has produced several avenues of humanitarian aid to alleviate at least some refugee suffering — and to other refugees, it has provided for trade throughput, health services, electricity, water, direct trade and employment, effectively addressing anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist cant as a compartmented issue, i.e., something that can be separated from higher-value concerns involving specific economic and quality of living issues.

The world is full of human divisions x language x culture x tribe / clan / family x political x professional x class affiliations, but it is not full of multiple human species.

Those kicking around the skulls and those testing the latest in Advanced Small Weapons are not intergalactic aliens to one another.

Of course, they’re not safe from one another either.

Heads on poles, Msiris Compound, a Masai village, rotogravure, 1892.

Heads on poles, Msiris Compound, a Masai village, rotogravure, 1892.

The primitive may overrun its range given its choice of modern weapons, but it’s not prepared to arrange and manage the productive energies of the technologically far advanced civilizations that may appear to bedevil it.  Such may be cordoned and contained or transformed, and of the two paths, transformation over time may be more kind.

It’s hard to tell.

On any given day online, I may look over many things as they appear on and off the web (via books, in that case, or by way of correspondence or direct talk), so, in a sense, I can overview space; however, I cannot “overview” the top third of time — the future.

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