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However, Ashraf Rifi, former head of the Internal Security Forces, told AP the attack had nothing to do with a pamphlet and was, in fact, triggered by speculation that Father Surouj had written a study on the internet that insulted Islam.

Thousands of books, manuscripts torched in fire at historic Lebanese library (PHOTOS) — RT News – 1/4/2014.


Speaking by phone, city mayor Ousmane Halle said: ‘They torched all the important ancient manuscripts. The ancient books of geography and science. It is the history of Timbuktu, of its people.’

Timbuktu treasures destroyed by Islamists as French move in | Mail Online – 1/28/2013.

▶ Islamist Fighters Destroy Timbuktu Tombs – YouTube – Posted 7/1/2012


Reports from Afghanistan Reveal Kabul Libraries Devastated | American Libraries Magazine 2/4/2002

The burning of libraries – Irish atheist (liberal-right, anti-jihad, pro-west, pro-Israel) writer Mark Humphrys gores everyone’s ox, not only Muslim, but the page is worth a look in light of today’s expansion of the Syrian Civil War and Jihad  into Lebanon.

Libya Islamists destroy Sufi shrines, library: military | Reuters – 8/25/2012.  I looked for libraries on this fast glance, but cultural artifacts may be brought down too.  The destructive point is not to redress grievance but to annihilate and subdue all cultures foreign in space or time itself.  Antiquities are of no value before the delusional onslaught of Islamozombies.


▶ LIBYA Sufi Sites Razed By Heavily Armed Salafis, Cops Attacked, Burn Library, Destroy Graves 8.26.12 – YouTube – Posted 9/17/2012


The Description of Egypt is likely burned beyond repair. Its home, the two-story historic institute near Tahrir Square, is now in danger of collapsing after the roof caved in.

“The burning of such a rich building means a large part of Egyptian history has ended,” the director of the institute, Mohammed al-Sharbouni, told state television over the weekend. The building was managed by a local non-governmental organization.

Thousands Of Rare Books, Journals, Writings Burned At Institute d’Egypt In Cairo – 12/19/2011.


Egypt’s richest library goes up in smoke (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT Art & culture – 12/20/2011.

▶ Egyptian Institute – YouTube – Posted 12/18/2011


There seem too complaints of underhanded reconstruction underwritten by the Saudi state. To address the repair of Balkan Islamic monuments, Jolyon Naegele suggests the wholesale bulldozing of the same has been to replace that heritage with architecture more favoring the Saudi Wahhabi vision.

Annihilation, One Cultural Artifact, One Memory, At a Time – Oppenheim Arts & Letters – 9/8/2008.

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