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If one perceives one’s self in a weak or threatened position when one is by default the strong party (“leaders” are not often referred to as “fathers” for nothing, especially in autocratic environments) then the deflection of attention and concern from one’s own position to that of a less-liked or neutral party becomes part of sustaining power plus service, and the service is . . . narcissistic supply!

If you took the notion of “scapegoating” as an apparent behavior — what’s bad in us we give to this goat that we then expel from our presence and leave to God and nature outside of the camp — the mechanism in political and social (and family) reasoning may be as suggested. If it seems so, then we may have something to work with as as much has been designed in the invention of language and maintained in suspension within circles affected, and that from family relationships and outward to clans, tribes, federations, and states.

Basically, if there’s a serious “Big Daddy” who must be served or a “SWMBO” (“She Who Must Be Obeyed”) in a a political space, family to state, the absence of an “off button” in each might signal the presence of a personality that will exploit dependents in the cause of its own aggrandizement.

The first problem faced in solving any problem is the problem of defining the problem — ๐Ÿ™‚ — and doing so in a way that “locks” with reality, i.e., that, thank God, appears to work with good reasons for its working.

As much as we may need magic in life, and I believe we do, some conditions beg for having or obtaining a firm grasp on the emotional mechanics in their creation and longevity. ย Not all wars need conform to so psychological an approach to conflict motivation, but those that do might lend themselves to this line in analysis in which, in essence, the narcissist creates the dependent (via infantilizing, patronizing, and punitive manipulation) who then reinforces the heroic (or suffering martyr) self-concept suspended in language within the same.

If God seems at times to have a wicked sense of humor, perhaps it comes out most in the working of so miserable and vicious a piece of social engineering.

The Cinderella fairy tale (the story about two big sisters and their good-for-nothing youngest sister / two evil sisters and their bullied sister who get the better of them) has the form as do states owned and run into the ground by dictators who with the help of thugs devour the majority part of their constituencies.

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