Slander has no integrity.

The Warped Mirror

“Tibi [Arab-Israeli Member of Knesset] had earlier heckled Netanyahu, claiming that his colleague Abu Arar, a Bedouin MK from Ar’arat in the Negev, did not have water or electricity in his home, because of Israeli discrimination. ‘There’s no water or electricity in his village,’ Tibi shouted at Netanyahu. ‘No water, no electricity. Give him water and electricity and he’ll stop shouting.’ In fact, Channel 2 News showed on Tuesday, Abu Arar, a former school teacher and head of his local council, lives in a three-story home with water, electricity, air-conditioning and a satellite dish, and his street is well lit by street lamps.”

From: Canadians ‘taken aback’ at Arab MKs’ heckling of Harper

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