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“Hungarian state institutions at the time [shared responsibility] for the Holocaust. This apology today by the Hungarian state must become part of national memory and identity,” he added.

Hungary’s UN envoy makes country’s first-ever Holocaust apology – Jewish World News Israel News | Haaretz – 1/25/2014.

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Hungary at UN apologizes for role in the Holocaust | JPost | Israel News – 1/25/2014.

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He added: cowardly attempt to keep the attention of diverting the Horthy regime of Judaism destruction played a role, and confuse the Holocaust of Hungarian people with the “suffering” caused by the German occupation, while the latter historical facts prove that instead of resistance rather general received applause – wrote in the letter. wrote I understand that “due to various political and economic reasons, the Holocaust Memorial Center operating managers do not want or can not speak out against this impudent forger course of history.”

Mazsihisz.hu – 1/26/2-14.


Serious efforts are being made by Fidesz-Jobbik supporters to recreate the old Soviet/Russian friendship from which twenty-three years ago Hungarians were happy to escape.

Attack on the United States and friendship with “tolerant” Russia | Hungarian Spectrum – 1/23/2014.

Hungarian Ambassador Casba Körösi would seem to understand that the Jobbik Party, its affections, whatever the basis, for Iran, Russia, and Putin’s own nationalist “vertical of power”, and its disaffection with Jews and the open democracies of the west have put Hungary on a collision course with a 1933 all its own.

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In admitting Hungary’s guilt he said institutions in the the Hungarian state of the 1940s were responsible for the Holocaust as they had been complicit in accepting incidents led to the genocide of Hungarian Jews.

Hungary apologises for its part in Holocaust | Denver Sun – 1/26/2014.

With whom — what what — shall Hungarians go?

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Miklos Horthy, Hungary’s controversial leader during World War II, oversaw the deportation of some 18,000 Jews to the German-occupied Soviet Union in 1941 — more than 10,000 of whom were murdered — and is seen by many as complicit in the mass deportations to Nazi death camps in 1944 which resulted in the deaths of around 450,000 Hungarian Jews.

NewsDaily: US scholar returns Hungary award over Holocaust ‘whitewash’ – 1/26/2014.

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“We know we are responsible for the Holocaust and we also know that Hungarian state institutions were responsible for the Holocaust,” Navracsics said in parliament. “Hungarians were the perpetrators and Hungarians were those who suffered. Hungarians did the shooting and Hungarians died.”

Jewish groups in Hungary oppose 1944 memorial – The Washington Post – 1/21/2014.

The statements may be subtle.  That above by Hungary’s standing Minister of Justice recognizes what happened and yet equates the suffering as general: for sure, Hungarians did the shooting, but where the Holocaust and ethnic cleansing are concerned, it was Hungarian Jews who were made to die, and while not alone in that for ethnic persecution — more on that in a moment — certainly the numbers overwhelm.

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Some Gypsies were sterilized as early as 1933, though no Jews yet were; beginning in the same year, camps were being established by the Nazis to contain Gypsies at Vennhausen, Dieseistrasse, Mahrzan and Dachau, although at so early a date Jewish victims were not being sent en masse to any camps. It is a matter of singular disgrace that in 1936 the anti-Gypsy campaign became globalized, through the establishment of the international Centre for the Fight against the Gypsy Menace by Interpol in Vienna. Again, this did not happen for the Jews. In effect, the Nazi Party sought, and was given, the cooperation of other Euopean governments in its campaign to locate and identify Gypsies throughout Europe for its later plans for extermination.

Gypsies: A Persecuted Race : Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies : University of Minnesota – 1985.

“Jew Hate” is never confined to the Jews, but perhaps ever since Abraham’s failure to speak for Isaac when asked to make a sacrifice of him, Jews have been “speaking truth to power” for thousands of years and are a vocal people, so it is good today to learn of power in the person of an Hungarian ambassador speaking truth to the Jobbik Party and Prime Minister Viktor Mihály Orbán’s government.

Hungarians know what Hungarians have done.  Clear acknowledgment might cleanse a national conscience, that as opposed to covering it up, glossing it over, in successive acts of patronizing cant and shameful cowardice.


Dear György és Szabolcs:

I am writing to request that you remove my name from the Téka és Információs Központ at the Holocaust at the Holokauszt Emlékközpont. I reached this decision with a heavy heart, having followed the recent developments in Hungary with great concern. The history-cleansing campaign of the past few years calculated to whitewash the historical record of the Horthy era, including the changes in the constitution that “legalized” the sinister measures that were subsequently taken to absolve Hungary from the active role it had played in the destruction of close to 600,000 of its citizens of the Jewish faith, have left me, and I assume many others, stunned.

Randolph L. Braham’s open letter | Hungarian Spectrum – 1/26/2014.

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