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“The ultimate cause of our instability is not religious but political, because whoever comes to power makes his entourage commit abuses to stay in power,” he said, “They treat the country as their private money-making business. We need a real democracy with politicians who have a vision to look after the needs of everyone.”

Riptide – Foreign Policy – Peter Bouckaert – 1/31/2014.

I didn’t want to get this blog on to Congo before it’s time, but, conflict is conflict, this is a blog about that, and I really don’t see any difference in worthiness between a Burmese tribe ethnically cleansing another (and hanging children along the way) and some other conflict zone horror involving killing by “machetes, torture, lynching, shooting, explosions, and burning,” which list you will find in the lead to the above cited story by Peter Bouckaert.

Then too, as with Syria and its brutal and mindless dictatorship opposed by an equally brutal and mindless al-Qaeda laden devolutionary force, one may notice the relative helplessness of noncombatant constituents on the land: they’re trapped between monsters, and the monsters are of similar kind: “malignant narcissists”.

Little dictators.

Modify that some: “little dictators with “Advanced Small Weapons” and lots of primitive ones as well and nothing of conscience, only greed offsetting fear and filling up enormous egos and their ambitions.

This strain in mankind — not the peacock per se, but the vicious peacock — proves a disaster wherever it appears.

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