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Teenage refugee won’t give up on Syria – YouTube – 2/4/2014

CNN Source: Teenage refugee won’t give up on Syria – 2/4/2014.

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Syria’s Lost Generation: The Plight of the Youngest Refugees – YouTube – 15:00 – 1/24/2014.

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Syria offers a three-front conflict zone, and it’s all a bit clouded: Assad vs Idris vs ISIS (more or less).

What appears to be missing, although we know where the displaced and refugee may be in general terms, is the military force of the humane, moderate, and reasoning.  That category was to have been filled by General Salim Idris, but such a conceptual slot seems not to have translated well to the Syrian country-wide realpolitik of autonomous bands and militia — “loose and roaming energy” one might call that.

The two videos presented tell a side of the Syrian Civil War evident in political reality but absent of military representation while the field features “the brutal dictator” on one side and the horrifying al-Qaeda affiliates (in spirit if not in organizational fact) on the other.

With perhaps Putin’s input, to which none in the snoopy notebook class have privy, Assad holds the anti-al-Qaeda position and despite the regime’s own horrific spree of bombings and assaults on noncombatant Syrians, and may find favor on that most morally twisted (wrong actions, right direction) “high ground”.

It’s hard to imagine Assad staying given what millions of Syrians must know about him by way of their own personal losses — and the manner of those losses — but it has yet to dawn on the suffering that Syria may (must) be their fight too: the UN may step in only with the familiar “humanitarian assistance”; NATO and the west haven’t much truck with Assad and can’t seem to get Idris to steal the show; Putin doesn’t seem to care about humanity so much, but he could intervene, making a great grandstanding play of magnanimous post-Soviet Russian humanism during the Winter Olympics at Sochi (wait and see but don’t hold your breath); and “the Islamists” have quite a program — the most dismal on earth — in store for all who fail to impede them.

Additional Reference

Understanding Syria: From Pre-Civil War to Post-Assad – William R. Polk – The Atlantic – 12/10/2013.

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