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CNN Reference: Opposition: Fresh barrel bomb attack kills 15 in Aleppo – CNN.com – 2/6/2014.

Related: BBC News – Syria crisis: US condemns Aleppo barrel bomb raids – 2/5/2014; Barrel bomb – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSyria: Regime’s barrel bombing of Aleppo causing “refugee crisis” | Al Bawaba – 2/6/2014; 10,000 Syrian children killed in civil war, others raped, tortured and maimed: United Nations – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – 2/6/2013.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the world will in about eight to ten hours bear witness to peaceful competition among nations by way of the winter Olympic games in Sochi; however, while they are doing that, Bashar al-Assad and forces beneath his command may continue prosecuting their war as they have since spring 2011; the other side may be mixed with forces still loyal to Idris — there’s a Quixote story somewhere down there in that beleaguered company — but they too will be at play in the killing fields, and one cannot make such as al-Nusra or ISIS / ISIL (I get so confused) look better than they have proved themselves in battle against bakeries and truck drivers.

How beautiful Sochi will be.


Raw: Syrian Forces Drop Barrel Bombs on Aleppo – YouTube – 2/6/2014.

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