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The U.N. had a readied charter for Palestine in 1948. The Arab states rejected Israel’s charter, launched a war of annihilation, lost it, enhanced Israel’s defense ability, and managed to keep the issue alive for what will soon be 70 years.

Setting Fatah aside, Hamas has found itself isolated by the counterrevolution in Egypt — it had swung with the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power — and its enthusiasm for Sunni-based Islamic Jihad in Syria, bringing it into collision with Hezbollah and annoying sponsor Ayatollah Khamenei.

At the end of “Cast Lead” in 2008/2009, so has been my impression, Israel’s Defense Forces, and truly representing Israel, had promised Hamas that the next barrage of rocket fire from Gaza — there had been about 8,000 (!) launches prior to “Cast Lead” — would be met by eliminating the senior fighting leadership of Hamas. True? I don’t know. However, Hamas has been motivated to suppress the fire of the non-Hamas launching units.

The global anti-Semitic rhetoric seems sponsored — same rant where the Far Out Left meets anti-western (anti-human, imho) “Islamist” Ambition writ large — but peace has been not only always available but also pursued and evident in trade throughput, both directions, with Gaza, the acceptance of a Judenfrei Gaza (2005 evacuation of Jews from the strip, where the archaeological record of habitation reaches back 3,500 years) that proved that “land for peace” doesn’t work and won’t, and in local labor and trade, which part includes Jews and Muslims laboring side by side in peace.

At this point, I think agreements will only follow what becomes true on the ground. What’s true in Gaza today is that Hamas has found itself isolated.  As political rogues within its own zone of control threaten by proxy the existence of its senior leadership, it has chosen a path beside a cold peace.

The news inspiring the comment: IDF Targets Gaza Terrorist, Eliminates Imminent threat to Israel – 12/9/2014.

Note: I’ve slightly revised the last paragraph of the material quoted but did so in keeping with original intent.

Related: Israeli Military Launches Airstrike on Palestinian Man – 2/9/2014.

My prediction: peace will one day be more evident in Gaza and in cross-border relationships than war, and the politicians involved will have to fall all over themselves trying to catch up with it.

Alas, that day seems distant and yet a little closer too.


The reason for staying is loyalty to approximately 500 Palestinians who are among the plant’s 1,300 employees, Birnbaum claimed. While other employees could relocate on the other side of the Green Line if the plant moved, the West Bank Palestinian workers could not, and would suffer financially, he argued.

“We will not throw our employees under the bus to promote anyone’s political agenda,” he said, adding that he “just can’t see how it would help the cause of the Palestinians if we fired them.”

SodaStream Boss Admits West Bank Plant Is ‘a Pain’ — Praises Scarlett Johansson – Forward.com – 1/28/2014.

Additional Reference

I’ve put these references in ascending chronological order as they may suggest a story, even in headlines, about fits and starts, crimes and punishments, and, in the end, behavioral change.

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